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Discover the Value of Your Life’s Work, So You Can… Drive Profit, Revenue, Cash Flows, and Wealth Creation Through Maximizing Value…

Kahuna Value NaVigator™ (KVN) is a tactical business unit of Kahuna Accounting. KVN is specifically designed for growth entrepreneurs, business and practice builders to discover and apply powerful, yet mostly unknown and underutilized practical applications of strategic business valuation.

Don’t Drift… DRIVE to Your Destination.

If you plan on exiting and making the maximum return on your business, I have important news… Value is NOT created when you sell. Value is designed in the plan and maximized as you build. If you don’t know your value — it could cost you a fortune… YOUR fortune!

We have a clear system to help entrepreneurs DRIVE instead of drift to their desired end goals.

Our $4M Mistake We Want You To Learn From

Years ago, we had a booming business, quickly soaring well into the $20M. We were hiring like crazy, adding clients, fine-tuning our supply chain, it was EXCITING! That was until we were unexpectedly FORCED to sell our life’s work.

Long story short, we began a valuation process that was not pleasant. Our value number was far lower than we ever thought possible, and we had no practical understanding of our value. There was SO much we didn’t know that we didn’t know. The buyer used our ignorance as a tool to devalue our life’s work. It was humiliating!

After the sale, with just a little practical knowledge of our value, we uncovered at least $4M we left on the table. Further, we could clearly see areas we could have corrected to prevent the sale of our business in the first place. We set out to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of value. We soon uncovered an entrepreneurial super tool.

The New Science of Strategic Business Valuation Changes Everything

The core of what was used to cost $5000 to $15,000 is now available for a fraction of the cost.

What used to take weeks into months… is now a 60-120-minute process… or less.

The power of the New Science of Strategic Business Valuation has transformed valuations into an entrepreneurial super tool. Within the last 2 to 3 years, new technologies, new methodologies, and an entrepreneur focused approach have changed the way valuations function. You can now understand and know the value of your business – literally today!

We Help Entrepreneurs

      1. Discover the current enterprise and equity value of your business.
      2. Discover value potential unique to your geography, business niche, business classification, size, and other relevant factors.
      3. Discover important 80/20 value modifiers.
      4. Utilize our unique Entrepreneurial Pathfinder Process™ to understand and apply 80/20 leverage to dynamically navigate and target your value goals so you can maximize the value of your business over time.

Our approach with business valuation is in a new category, combining business development and business acceleration while utilizing the new science of strategic business valuation as a secret weapon and an unfair advantage for the entrepreneur.


Our Programs

quickSURF™ ValueBasic Value Only

$ 597

Per Entity Value Generated

Simply provide:

    • Basic Company Info
    • Current Financials
    • 1-3 Years Tax Returns
    • Learn:
    • YOUR Current Value
    • YOUR Industry Benchmarks


Get Started!

Discovery ValuationStart Your Journey Here!

$ 3,750

Per Entity, Valued at $4,745*


  • Discovery Exploration Call
  • Entrepreneur Questionnaire
  • Secure Data Collection
  • Kahuna quickSURF™ Value & Analysis
  • Plus:
  • Discovery Value NaVigator™ Pathfinder Strategy
  • 30 Minute AMA With CEO Frank F. Lunn
  • Follow Up Valuation in 90-120 Days

*$995 Setup Fee Waived

Limited-Time, Special Offer!

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What is the Discovery Value NaVigator™?

Transform Busy Information Into Insights Into Action!

More than just empty statistical data, we provide a Pathfinder Process™ with each Discovery Value NaVigator™. The Pathfinder Process is a discovery progression from insight into an actionable plan.

An experienced Kahuna Value NaVigator will walk through your report WITH you, helping you navigate this New Science to apply it to your business with comfort, ease, and understanding.

You’ll understand your value in context with your unique goals, aspirations, strategic planning, and business development plans to accelerate your businesses growth trajectory.

Learn about the Discovery Value NaVigator!


What is the quickSURF Value NaVigator™?

The quickSURF Value NaVigator™ Program is an introductory, low risk, high return investment to discover your business value as well as providing powerful and actionable insights about business value over time. Designed for the busy entrepreneur to uncover and understand the value of their business, so they can begin to apply and maximize it.


Learn More About the quickSURF Value Navigator!

Want To Be On the Leading Edge of a NEW Science?

Learn how to use this NEW Science to Drive Profit, Drive Revenue, Drive Cash Flows and Wealth Creation TODAY.

Download our Free Special Report that discusses this new science. Discover why it is so important, and how we use value as a strategic force multiplier to achieve your goals faster and avoid major losses.

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