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Make Your “Why” Clear: 1-Minute Small Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

By March 15, 2016No Comments

Your “why” is the reason you’re in business — it’s why you do what you do.

And why is this important? Your “why” is often what separates you from your competitors in the eyes of your customers.

To give you an example different than the one in the video above, let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and in need of a blogger. You narrowed down your options to two people. Both are skilled and at about the same skill level. One has always enjoyed writing and discovered there was a need for business owners, so he or she decided to write for businesses. The other grew up starting lemonade stands and mowing lawns, and is deeply passionate about entrepreneurship. They were put on this earth to work with entrepreneurs. Which would you rather work with?

Action Step: On your about page, make sure you state WHY you do what you do. Something this simple can differentiate you from competitors and help you connect with current and potential customers.


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