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Mark Cuban on Where Entrepreneurs go Wrong with Accounting

By December 7, 2015May 26th, 2021No Comments

Every entrepreneur is different. Just look at Mark Cuban, who is as about as unique as they come when looking at his path, businesses, ownership of an NBA, and his outwardly brash and unique style.

Entrepreneurs may be very different, but according to Cuban, their problems are not. When asked at iCONIC in Chicago if most of the entrepreneurs he works with struggle with the same problems, Cuban replied, “Oh, yeah!”

When elaborating on this thought, Cuban pointed to accounting as one of the common struggles he sees in the entrepreneurs he works with. “All you entrepreneurs think you have accounting, but Quickbooks and a shoebox does not count,” Cuban said. After putting money into a company, one of his first priorities is inspecting their accounting department and seeing what’s in order and what’s out of place.

As an accounting company for entrepreneurs, Kahuna Accounting has helped many shoebox accounting entrepreneurs take the frustrations in that box and turn them into fuel for their business. And we couldn’t agree more with Mark Cuban. See how Kahuna Accounting’s services can help your business sure up their financials while saving money in the process.

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