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Meet Kahuna Accounting at Infusionsoft 2016 (#ICON16) in Phoenix

Six members of the Kahuna Accounting leadership and business development team are headed to Phoenix, Arizona for the 10th Annual Infusionsoft User Conference, also known as ICON (#ICON16). The three-day event (March 2nd-4th), will host thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs along with some of the most admired experts and successful entrepreneurs. Keynote speakers include Infusionsoft CEO Clate Mask, Author and Radio Host Dave Ramsey, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tina Wells, Robyn Benincasa, and many others, along with dozens of session speakers.

Asked about the event, Kahuna Business Group CEO Frank Lunn shared, “Our team is excited about ICON and it will be our third year attending. It’s a great place to connect with other entrepreneurs on this fantastic journey of entrepreneurship.  We are all different and unique, and yet we are all similar with similar challenges and similar opportunities to make a difference with the clients we serve.  Every entrepreneur and small business owner is somewhere on a path from where they are to where they eventually want to be.  ICON is a great place to network and encourage others on a similar path.”

Outside of learning from the many keynote and breakout session speakers at the conference, the event will allow attendees to see how other businesses are using Infusionsoft, work with partners and experts to implement industry-specific campaigns to assist in business growth, and design sales and marketing framework. “I’m looking forward to taking away best practices from speakers at ICON to improve the way we do things as a company and to make life and business better and easier for the entrepreneurs we serve at Kahuna Accounting,” says Lunn.

From content creators to Infusionsoft process implementers, Kahuna’s team is all looking to gain something a little different from the event. Asked what sessions he plans on attending, Content Director Michael Luchies said, “I want to improve on what I already feel I’m good at, like storytelling and content creation, and improve on a couple of things I’m not good at that I want to learn about, like video creation and video marketing.” Other attendees from Kahuna will be learning about rejection therapy, useful Infusionsoft tips, and how to build better teams.

Will you be there, too? If so, we’d love to meet you.

If interested in meeting up with a member of the Kahuna Accounting team to discuss Infusionsoft, virtual accounting and bookkeeping services, the TREPX Podcast, or just to network, please contact us on Twitter @Kahuna4Business.

Find out more about the event and download the full agenda here.

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