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Mid-Year Accounting Checklist

We are nearly halfway through 2015, which is a great time to take a step back and review your financial process.

Remember at the beginning of the year when you said, “This is the year I get my bookkeeping together!”

Well, even if you didn’t say that, it would have been a good idea and it’s not too late to take a review of the accounting system today.

We are extremely grateful to have been featured once again on Entrepreneur on Fire in their latest income report.

Our great friend, CPA Josh Bauerle, shared his 4 part checklist for your accounting.

His four suggested questions to ask are:

1. Is Your Bookkeeping Set up?

2. Are You Operating in the Right Entity?

3. Are You Deducting Everything Possible?

4. Are You Talking With a CPA?

You should definitely take the time to listen to the whole episode. Josh shares some great tips and is totally right on. When you get a system set up and are actively working with financial professionals, you can save a ton of headache and money throughout the year.

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