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Kahuna Navigator helps entrepreneurs by plotting where they are now, where they want to be and providing tools and strategy to navigate their vision into reality.

The following are specific programs we have for growth-minded entrepreneurs who want to massively increase their revenue, cashflow and profit to build value and wealth.

Kahuna Value Navigator

Kahuna Value Navigator is done in partnership with Biz Equity. We use a valuation tool to determine the current value of a business and extract key performance indicators that will drive value higher.

Even if you’re not wanting to sell your business, this information is key to building profit, growth and systems which in turn drives valuation higher.

In the premium service level, you’ll receive a dynamic dashboard that tracks and maps your Value KPIs. Learn more about Kahuna Value Navigator

XTREP Challenge

As we have gone deeper into the value of valuation, we’ve noticed one of the side effects is it creates accountability and competitiveness for entrepreneurs. Something about having a live scoreboard and real data keeps us focused on making sure we win the game.

So we created the XTREP challenge to take this game to the next level. It’s only available to 100 entrepreneurs and the doors close in February of 2019. For this challenge, we are looking for 100 entrepreneurs who want to add at least $1 Million in value each over the next two years.

This is a select group, so we can’t guarantee you will be accepted, but if you’d like to learn more and apply for the challenge head to the XTREP Challenge.

Dynamic Guidance System

If you are Navigating in your car, you’ll likely use a GPS to map where you are now and where you want to go. Well, we believe Navigating your business should be the same.

We have partnered with to build a Business Intelligence KPI dashboard so businesses can see a live dashboard of their goals and the key metrics needed to reach them.

Dynamic Guidance System (DGS) is available for XTREP Challenge members and for premium levels of Kahuna Value Navigator, as well as for Kahuna Accounting clients. You can also sign up to add DGS to whatever current systems you have and build your own personal navigation system for business growth! Check out DGS here.

What You’ll Get with Kahuna Navigator

When you engage with us in any of these programs you are gaining an entrepreneurial partner committed to your success! Here is some of what happens for our clients.

  • Greater clarity in purpose and focus
  • Data-driven approach to results
  • 80/20 principle applied to maximize effort
  • Honesty and accountability with a trusted partner
  • Access to our knowledge-base and entrepreneurial network
  • Greater confidence from knowing you’re not alone

Who Kahuna Navigator Is For

  • Ambitious, exponential-minded entrepreneurs
  • Those who often follow their gut instincts
  • Those who care more about impact than comfort
  • Founders of businesses at $1-$10M with ambitions to massively grow

Who Kahuna Navigator Is Not For

  • Founders wanting to play it safe
  • Business owners who need hand-holding at every turn
  • Those looking for a “magic pill” of success
  • Those who operate in a scarcity mindset instead of abundance

We’re Glad You’re Here

Still with us? Great! We’d love to invite you to check out our programs above. Or if you’d like to set an appointment to learn how our services can benefit your business, click here!

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