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Your Numbers Don’t Have to Be Overwhelming and Meaningless

At Kahuna Accounting, we’ve worked with hundreds of law firms to help them with their accounting and bookkeeping needs. In doing so, we’ve realized many businesses don’t know where they stand financially, or where they are going and they are missing out on the power of having a financial system aligned with growth goals.

If that’s you – please take two minutes and fill out this form.

When you do, we will walk you through our proven SURF Strategy to help you align your metrics with your vision. Here’s how it works:


Step one is to get a high level view of the business and clarify the vision and goals


Then we’ll dig in a bit deeper and find any constraints or blocks preventing momentum toward the business goals


We will then provide a plan for automating and simplifying your financial foundation for maximum clarity


The ultimate opportunity is when you can take your financials and build a road map that’s forward-looking and focused on your growth goals

Take 2 minutes to fill out this form and we will schedule a Business Navigator Strategy Session