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Are You an Accounting Super Hero?

Kahuna Accounting- Not Your Typical Name. Not Your Typical Accounting Firm

Work with One of the Fastest Growing and Most Innovative Cloud-Based Accounting Businesses in the U.S.

First things first: Our clients Rock! Our clients, located in all 50 states, are entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, freelancers, small business owners, partnerships and professionals at what they do. They are busy growing their businesses and are in need of a trusted resource partner (aka Super Hero) to make their bookkeeping and accounting easy, practical and dare I say… FUN! (stay tuned)

We can’t give away all our secrets, but our accounting team works in the cloud with cutting-edge technology. This allows most of our clients the freedom to do their accounting in a fraction of the time with way less stress and wherever they choose to work — many from their laptop or even mobile device. Our clients “get it!”

They appreciate the knowledge our accounting team possesses and the ease in which we serve their accounting needs on their terms. They don’t have to hire, train, follow-up, provide accountability, prepare to scale up or even to provide back-up for sick days, vacations or for seasonal changes – they look to us to make it easy for them… and our team does!

Our team not only makes all the necessary stuff happen, but we give our clients on-line tools, support, financial reports, resources and information to help them keep their business growing!

Our team converts an area of uncertainty, drudgery and stress into an easy process with loads of benefits and at a fraction of the normal cost. This is where legends are born… Yep, we think Super Hero about sums it up!!

Kahuna Accounting is not your average accounting firm as we provide cloud-based bookkeeping and accounting services to our entrepreneur and small business clients across the United States. Kahuna has more than two decades of successful business history and we are committed to our mission of service. We are entrepreneur business builders focused on serving entrepreneurs and business builders in all stages of their success.

To accomplish our mission, we need people who understand and can get excited by the unifying entrepreneurial mandate of our company, “We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!”

Our client base is continuing to expand rapidly, and we are in need of personable and organized individuals at all levels of our bookkeeping and accounting team. Prior bookkeeping or accounting training and experience is certainly a benefit, but if you understand bookkeeping basics and are wired to serve, we’d love to talk.

Our main objective is to mix our team’s bookkeeping and accounting knowledge and experience with our passion to serve our clients as the unsung Super Hero on their team!

Even when the spotlight of business glory shines on other parts of the business (like revenue and profits), our clients will know. We will know. More importantly, YOU will know! This is how Super Heroes are wired!

We Are Growing and Have Opportunities At All Levels

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Performing daily account reconciliations
• Familiarizing clients with our accounting platform
• Providing excellent client service
• Conducting basic financial tracking
• Supporting accounting team members as needed

Qualified candidates will:

• Possess an understanding of accounting principles
• Have prior experience in a similar position – experience is more important than a degree
• Communicate clearly and with ease both verbally and in writing
• Maintain the integrity of confidential and sensitive information
• Possess excellent Excel skills and solid working knowledge of MS Office

Kahuna Accounting offers a unique environment for learning and growth while fostering individual creativity and team collaboration. Our employees earn a competitive wage with benefits including health, dental and vision insurance, retirement savings and paid time off.

Our entrepreneurial approach to business provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to high energy, team-oriented and motivated individuals who embrace the concept of achieving success through service to others. Please submit your resume to