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Does Your Heavy Workload Lead to Anxiety and Frustration?

Attorneys everywhere are journeying into entrepreneurship and facing the harsh reality of how much is on their plate. It can be done, but the stress that comes with it can have serious negative effects on your health, your family and your practice.


Do Small Tasks Add to Your Stress and Distract You From the Big Picture?

Because your time is so precious as a solo attorney, you have to see the big picture and ensure all tasks are bringing maximum value to the firm. Time spent on minor tasks adds to the anxiety and distracts you from getting results.


Kahuna is Here to Systematize Your Bookkeeping and Reduce Your Workload

The answer to the overwhelming workload is to outsource what you can. If there are tasks that are not part of your core business that can be affordably outsourced to professionals, a solo attorney can greatly improve their efficiency and reduce workload and stress.


Kahuna Gets It

“The reason we are so excited to welcome Kahuna Accounting to the Solo Practice University family is they get the challenges solo/small firm lawyers face on a daily basis and, in turn, have created a very affordable and cost-effective way to help solo/small firm lawyers manage their finances professionally and ethically leaving the lawyer free to actually practice law.”

– Susan Cartier Liebel,
Founder, Solo Practice University


Making the Switch is Fast and Simple

The last thing we want to do is add to your stress and workload. That’s why Kahuna can transition a solo attorney into a streamlined bookkeeping solution in just a few days. And best of all, we do all the work! Just sign up, send a few documents and we’ll have you set up without missing a beat.


Get in Touch

We understand every firm is unique. We’d love to learn about yours. Fill out this form and we’ll schedule a time to talk. Whether you work with us or not, our quick call can help you start to work ON your business, and not just IN your business.




“I wanted more than doing it myself, but wasn’t sure if I could afford a bookkeeper. Then I found Kahuna who made everything easy and is a partner who I can grow with.”
– Wendy Whitt, The Whitt Law Firm, P.C.