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We Help Businesses Grow Their Relationship With Their Clients, So They Can Increase Client Life Time Value and Retention Rates.

Our programs are designed to provide a clear system to help any business owner know the value of their business and understand how it relates to their business and personal goals.

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Here’s The Exciting Part For You!

Increased Client Retention and

When Kahuna increase your client value and supercharges their strategic planning to fast track goal completion. Your clients will be thankful for introducing us, meaning they will stay longer.

Understand Your Clients Like Never Before

This program reveals your client’s business like never before. By harnessing the power of big data and cloud technology. Our system produces a report with metrics compared to industry standards. You will be able to see your clients position and provide the best guidance to help them achieve their goals faster.

Prove Your Worth

By performing a valuation now and then one in the future, you can track and measure progress. When the number increases, you can prove that your services are helping them. As well, each report comes complete with industry metrics, which you can use to show areas of their business you focus on improving. Lastly, this will reveal how your overall efforts increase the aggregate value of their business.

Individual and Aggregate Score Improvements

In communications on your website and with your clients, you can reveal average value increases for your individual clients, as well as aggregate value improvements for all of your clients. As well, per client, you can communicate their value improve while they have been working with you.

Super Charge Your On-Boarding Process

Some of our partners elect to add this process to their onboarding process to discover the most about their client. The more you both can uncover about your clients the business, the better you can help them succeed.

Offer Your Clients Something They Have Never Seen Before

Less than 98% of entrepreneurs knowing the value of their business. As they discover what it is and how important it is to their current life and future wealth and lifestyle, they will think of who introduced them to Kahuna and value, which was you.

A High-Powered Gift

Some partners elect to purchase this low dollar program to build a deeper relationship with their clients.

A Low Investment

The process used to take weeks and cost upwards of $8000 or more to get the value of a business. Now we can provide an in-depth report with four value numbers and core business metrics. This and more, for only $597.

Simple To Use

This requires little work for the client and the partner. You would only need to introduce them to Kahuna; we will help do the rest.

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How Would a Discovery Value NaVigator™ Help My Client?

A Discovery Value NaVigator™ is a high-powered deep dive into what your value is and how to make it a part of your strategic planning to accelerate your success. If quickSURF is an X-ray at a local practice, a Discovery Value NaVigator™ is an MRI at the Mayo Clinic.

Unlike the quickSURF Value NaVigator™, we help you uncover your goals, as we consider your unique goals, industry specifics, the economy around you and more. We consider all of these factors together, we analyze your value, walk you through your report, and help you uncover the paths you need to take to arrive at your end-goals. You will not be left with another report with the information you don’t understand. You will receive a guide for your journey and a set of actionable insights to accelerate your progress.

If you could help your client increases the value of their business, how would that change your relationship? Would they stay longer?

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Don’t Think You or Your Client Are Ready For Discovery Value NaVigator™?

How Does a quickSURF Value NaVigator™ Help My Client and Me?

A perfect gift or addition to any onboarding process. Discover the value of a business and their unique business metrics to give an X-ray vision of their business. From this vantage point, you can best diagnose how you can help. As well, we recommend repeating a valuation annually, semi-annually, or every quarter (depending on your industry and specific needs). If you are ready to get serious about helping your client succeed today and tomorrow, a quickSURF is a great place to start any journey.

Much like how a satellite locates where you are so you can best chart a path to your end goals. Value helps you know exactly where you are, so you can arrive faster.

How would your relationship change if you reveal their value to them? Would they stay a client longer? uy More? Could you take the findings and serve them better?

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