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There's more than Accounting for Accelerated Business Growth!

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Built around Partnership

We believe in a thriving ecosystem where everyone plays to their strengths and finds trusted help where needed.

Because of this, we are always looking for strong relationships with firms, systems, tools and resources who can provide immense value to our clients and others we serve. Below is a list of partners who we would strongly recommend and who have proven themselves as credible and valuable for entrepreneurs, professional practice builders, and small law firms.

(Full disclosure:  Some links are affiliate links and we may receive a referral fee if you buy a service.)

For Any Small Business:

  • Easily enter your bills
  • Simplify your approvals process
  • Pay smarter
  • Stay in sync

Learn about how can help automate your payment processing.

Dext (Formerly ReceiptBank)

Snap paper receipts, invoices or bank statements in one click. Dext gets all the important information from your documents and stores them in one place. Dext Prepare works with many major accounting software apps including Xero, QBO, Gusto, and

Check out a Dext here

Keap (Formerly Infusionsoft)

Kahuna uses Infusionsoft for its own CRM and sales force automation. We highly recommend this powerful software for any business looking to streamline marketing and keep processes in order.

Check out a Keap here

For Law Firms:

Foster Web Marketing

Foster Web Marketing provides you with marketing solutions and strategies that create thriving law practices!

Foster Web Marketing helps attorneys take control of their marketing and make better, more informed decisions. With a conversion-focused website, all-in-one marketing automation software, and a team that provides personal, data-driven guidance, your practice can achieve new heights.

Foster Web Marketing doesn’t do quick-wins or waste time competing with over-inflated PPC budgets to get you to page one. Their team is all about real results and getting better, more qualified clients from your marketing. See how your current online presence is helping (or hurting) your practice and what you can do to improve with a marketing analysis.


Clio is a user-friendly practice management system that allows attorneys to run their practice from anywhere. We love Clio, not only because of the great solution it offers attorneys, but because it integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online. This integration provides a complete solution for attorneys to run their firm, bill their clients, and allow for a redundant system for trust reconciliation.

Watch the integration details however, as we commonly receive calls to help firms fix a previous sync FUBAR. Not all of the steps provided by Clio cover all of the options available to you.

Try Clio here.

Law Pay

It is critical for attorneys to handle transactions between their trust and operating accounts correctly. Attorneys can trust their transactions to LawPay and accept credit cards with confidence.

Kahuna is also very versed in the reporting within Law Pay to assist in the bulk transactional deposits. As you grow, the volume and differentiation of the transactions batch processed can create an added frustration to a law firm.

Not only do we know the power of Law Pay for attorneys, we actually use them for our merchant processing internally.

Check out LawPay here.

Payroll and Accounting Platforms:


For your payroll needs, we can’t recommend Gusto highly enough. This is the solution Kahuna uses for our own business and we also use it for many client companies. It’s simple, straightforward and makes payroll processing enjoyable. Be sure and check out their other services including Workers’ Comp insurance and Health insurance.

Check out Gusto now.


Xero is one of two cloud accounting applications we rely on, and probably one of the simplest platforms. Kahuna is one of the top Xero partners in the United States, and the platform we use for our own business. Compared to other accounting software systems, Xero was designed with the non-accountant in mind, yet powerful to provide all the technical accounting needs.

Visit Xero here.

QBO - QuickBooks Online

QBO is one of two cloud accounting applications we rely on, and is the most common accounting software in the US. Kahuna is an elite QBO partner in the United States and can assist in account setup and billing for subscriptions to simplify your life.

Depending upon the practice manager you utilize, the use of classes in QBO can be beneficial for billable attorney probability.  Schedule a call with Kahuna to learn more.

Check out QBO here