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Building a business is hard, but in our mind it’s also really fun.

You get to serve people, solve problems and be creative. At Kahuna we come to work every day with new excitement because there’s always a new adventure waiting.

I hope in the midst of the grind and hustle, you entrepreneurs out there are also able to take some time and be grateful for the opportunity you have and appreciate it.

And for all we are grateful for and all the fun we have, the best part is meeting new and awesome people!

Pamela Slim is one of those people. We initially met her at a conference and immediately hit it off. Her knowledge of entrepreneurship, and genuine care for others truly sets her apart and we try to learn as much from her as we can.

So of course, we were thrilled this week when she asked our own Micky Deming to share more about our accounting for entrepreneurs. As someone who leads entrepreneurs every day, Pam recognizes the need for better bookkeeping and we’re grateful she invited us to share our story.

Check out the full recording and transcript here, and dig around while you’re there. Learning from Pam is guaranteed to make you better.

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