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What do you get when you mix great waves of opportunity with a disciplined surfer on a first-class board of skills, talents abilities and waxed with a great positive attitude?

You get great surfing.

Your life as a surfer is shaped by persistent waves of change and opportunity.

Being a Carpe Aqualis! surfer is about learning and living the skills to use the waves to your advantage. Why is it the same wave can wipe out some surfers and yet give others a tremendous ride? The answer is not in the waves. The answer is in the surfer.

Life is Challenging.

You will constantly find yourself in change.

Every day will challenge you more than the day before. There is more for you to keep up with, learn and adapt to. As change affects your life, you can ignore, resist, follow or surf it as a leader.

If you ignore or resist, the change will still come and you’ll either be blindsided or battered by the surf.

Be both a follower and a leader at the same time. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is not. Follow the rules of society, follow your supervisor, follow your clients and customers, follow your goals. Then lead with initiative and an awareness of opportunity grounded in personal responsibility.

Understand your mission and your rules of engagement, then take action to accomplish your mission. Apply creativity and initiative at every opportunity. Learn and adapt when you don’t get the immediate results you want. Be tenacious and be consistent.

Clint Eastwood delivered a great line in his 1986 movie, Heartbreak Ridge, demonstrating the tenacity of the Marines. As gruff, battle-tested Gunnery Sergeant Highway, he is put in a position to train new troops who are potentially going into battle. In the most memorable line in the movie, he offers wisdom to trust their lives in: “Improvise, adapt and overcome!” This was his philosophy; accomplish your mission even when your plan falls apart because of the chaos on the battlefield. The military is always adapting. Great companies are always adapting. Smart people in every endeavor are always adapting. Why? Because things rarely go as planned. You’ve got to think on your feet, be tough, and never, ever quit.

Choose to lead and to be a leader regardless of your position or job title. Learn how to respond positively to change and the unknown. It does not matter if your business card says CEO, president, director, manager, supervisor, or if you don’t even have one. If you are an investor, business owner, minister, administrative assistant, salesperson, soldier, self-employed, stay-at-home parent, nurse, inventor, a small business owner or student, this applies to you.

Do not allow yourself to be trapped in fear of the waves. Master them!

This post is an excerpt from the book Carpe Aqualis! written by Kahuna Business Group’s Founder/ CEO Frank F. Lunn.

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