quickSURFValue NaVigator™ utilizes a patented business valuation software to provide a tremendously accurate quick pulse check for the value of the client’s business.

Why Valuating Your Business Is Important

Every business owner will benefit from knowing the value of their business today. Here are a few of the common reasons knowing the value of your business TODAY is important:

Investing, Funding & Capital Considerations

Outside investors and lending institutions will evaluate the business plan, shareholders’ agreement, investment memorandum, and valuation before investing or loaning capital.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A business valuation facilitates a negotiation between entities, entertaining a possible merger, acquisition, or share-swap.

Dissolution of Partnership or Exit (full or partial) by an owner

When a business partnership goes bad, or partners agree to part ways; the parties have to find a fair and equitable split of interests. Whether the weighting shares changes, one partner buys the other out, or the partnership gets dissolved, a business valuation will facilitate the process.


Business interests represent marital assets and could become part of an owner, partner, or shareholder’s divorce settlement. Both spouses may approach the settlement proceedings with independent business valuation reports, so historical valuations could provide valuable insights.

Tax strategies

A valuation report can lead to tax benefits an owner might not otherwise claim. A current valuation is also required for estate tax settlements, to calculate capital gains tax liabilities, and for income or property tax disputes.

Employee incentive programs

A company must disclose its value to an employee to satisfy annual requirements for Employee Stock Ownership Plans.

Insurance planning

Nearly three-quarters (70%) of small businesses do not have adequate insurance coverage. When an owner doesn’t know the value of his/her business, it is challenging to determine how much insurance is needed. Also, if an owner is injured or wrongfully distracted from business, a historical valuation could help recover losses.

What exactly is included in your quickSURF Value NaVigator™?

Each client receives a custom quickSURFReport complete with:

20+ Page Valuation Report Including:

    • Four Valuation Numbers:
      • Equity Value
      • Asset Sale Value
      • Enterprise Value
      • Liquidation Value
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) all related to industry standards

As well, the report comes complete with explanations to help understand your valuation and be able to use it intentionally to secure and improve it. It helps answer:

  • Definitions of the four value numbers
  • Definitions of the KPIs
  • Why the KPIs are important
  • An example of how it relates to your business
  • Industry Performance Metric
  • And More…

In addition to the in-depth report, you will also receive:

  • A video explaining your quickSURF Value NaVigator report
  • An eBook excerpt special report for The New Science of Strategic Business Valuation
  • A brief follow-up call regarding any questions you may have about your value and KPIs
  • A $747 credit toward a Discovery Value NaVigator Program™ when you decide you want to add more clarity and intentionality to securing, understanding, and maximizing the value of your business.

quickSURF™ ValueBasic Value Only

$ 597

Per Entity Value Generated

Simply provide:

  • Basic Company Info
  • Current Financials
  • Prior Year Tax Return
  • Learn:
  • YOUR Current Value
  • YOUR Industry Benchmarks



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