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If Your Accounting Is Suboptimal… Then Your Practice Is Suboptimal

Did that one sting a little? It should! There is no single part of your practice that does not flow through your accounting. If your accounting is not aligned, calibrated, and coordinated to your vision, mission, goals, and ambition, then you have suboptimal accounting. Suboptimal accounting = a suboptimal practice.

Is that what’s waking you up at 2 am? Or is it simply because you are working far too much for far too little compensation? Whatever the reason may be, we understand. Kahuna Accounting has served hundreds of Small Law Firms and Professional Practice Builders. We can help provide you with 100% peace of mind and compliance within your accounting. Remember, an optimized accounting system system

Your accounting should not be utilized solely for historical record-keeping, but rather, as forward-looking dynamic guidance, to help you navigate from where you are to where you want to go… but how?

The Fully Optimized Accounting Roadmap™ For Small Law Firms

We have a 9-step done-with-you process to help Small Law Firms optimize their accounting for complete confidence in their practice in 45 days – or possibly even sooner – without adding staff, software, or complexity.


One Clear Path

Goodbye confusion, hello confidence. The Fully Optimized Accounting Roadmap™ is designed to help you convert your accounting, decision making, and future planning from tactical to strategic. There’s none of that, “What do I do next?” that most Professional Practice Builders ask themselves when looking at their financials.

In Three Simple Phases

Our 9-step process to fully optimize your practice can be broken down into 3 simple phases.


Who’s on your team? What services do you utilize? What do you want from your practice? Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? Get complete clarity and context for where you are and where you want to go with an optimized path to make it happen.


What metrics should you measure? Are your books a mess? Where are the freakin’ gaps in your practice located? During the Assessment phase, we will help you develop intrinsic insights and meaningful metrics to determine the most efficient path to your optimized outcomes.


If your accounting is a mess, where is the mess located? What are your options to move forward? How can you proactively plan? Organize and execute your priority paths to efficiently and effectively achieve the next phase of accomplishing your vision and mission.


Ready to Learn How Easy It Is To Optimize Your Books



Free No-Obligation Strategy Session

Why Free?

It’s simple – Because a percentage of those we speak with will decide to work with us and build their own Fully Optimized Accounting Roadmap™.

How Can We Be So Confident?

This is also simple – Our system works. If we can help you get the confidence you in your accounting you need to maximize profitability and accelerate results in 45 days – or even possibly sooner-  then why wouldn’t you make such a small investment for yourself and your practice?


Minute Session


Actionable Tactics


Let's Map Out Your Optimized Solution!


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“When I came to Kahuna Accounting, we had an antiquated and outdated bookkeeping system and a bookkeeper that, well, to be honest, didn’t really know what she was doing. Hiring Kahuna was one of the best things our firm could do to help us get a better handle of our books. They helped us streamline and automate our bookkeeping processes, everything from payroll, to paying bills, to moving to QuickBooks Online. We now have a good idea of where we’re at and where we’re going. I would highly recommend Kahuna Accounting for any Law Firm or Small Business looking to streamline, update, and automate their bookkeeping.”
-Adam Diamond – Diamond & LeSueur, P.C.

Let’s Map Out Your Optimized Solution Now

Ready to Learn How Optimal Your Books Really Are?