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As an entrepreneur, you want something.

You have a vision.

You have goals.

And most likely your financial department (every business has one even if it’s just you) has not served your vision well.

Your accounting and finance typically looks backward instead of forward. And more often than not, the numbers you see on your financial reports have very little to do with your vision and your goals.

So the accounting function in your business just becomes this reactive, unhelpful necessary evil that you have to get done to pay taxes and it’s a painful process you repeat year-after-year.

Listen, here is the main point we want you to hear: If you are an entrepreneur with goals, the secret to hitting those goals can be found in your numbers.

You just need to 1. Know what they mean, 2. Have access to them in a timely manner and 3. Look forward, instead of backward.

This is not about us at Kahuna. This is about you and the experience we’ve had in working with entrepreneurs all over the country who have no idea how their vision for their business connects to their financials.

What if you could put your vision down on paper, and then build a financial model to project exactly how to bring that vision to a reality?

Then you could track week-by-week, month-by-month in real-time how the key drivers of that goal are performing and make adjustments as needed…

That’s what the most successful entrepreneurs do. They take control and drive their business forward to where they want it to go, rather than drifting along and waiting to find out where they ended up…

To get this, you need accounting for sure. But you also need bookkeeping, technology, advising, light CFO services and to change your own financial mindset.


We have learned in scaling this business, that the key is not really the accounting. It’s speaking the language of the entrepreneur. That’s why at Kahuna, we only take a few clients per month. But we have partnered with others to ensure no matter who you are – we can connect you to the best possible solution for your needs.

Our mission statement at Kahuna is: “We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!”

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs achieve their victory and help them grow along their journey. Depending on where you are on that journey, you may have completely unique needs.

We have education material, our own services and a partner network of service providers and can make an introduction to a suite of options based on your exact goals.

Are you ready to turn your accounting from a cost-center to a strategic asset DRIVING toward your goals? Just take 3 minutes and fill out this Kahuna Navigator form and our Client Victory Team will either follow up for more detail or make recommendations for the best next steps.