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Setting up Your Financial System for Success

Kahuna Accounting was featured this week by our friends at Foster Web Marketing on their blog. In this post, our own Micky Deming broke down the 4 components needed in setting up a financial system for success.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

One of the most infuriating and frustrating components of operating a successful law firm is finding a way to track, manage and stay on top of the financials.Your financials are critically important. They hold the answers to profitability and ultimately viability for your law firm.Yet most attorneys are flying blind with their financials, with a mix of paper, receipts and spreadsheets and hoping to tie something together at the end of the year.

The financial system provides no insight or forward-looking capability and even puts the law firm at risk with mismanaging trust accounting or failing to properly recognize income at tax time.But how do you get on top of this accounting mess when you have all the other responsibilities that come with running a successful law practice?The following are four ways we at Kahuna Accounting have helped law firms have peace of mind in their financials and also insight for growing and building their law firm.

See the full article at Foster Web Marketing.

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