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The word taxes makes every American a little uneasy. But for business owners, it’s a huge area of concern and a misunderstood aspect of their business.

After all, who wants to understand taxes? We’d rather take our shoebox of documents to our CPA, endure the embarrassing looks they give us, and get them over with. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because our financials impact our business in every way, not just during tax time. But to keep this brief, here are five tax-related articles that will help you deal with one of the most stressful times of the year for you and your business – tax season.

The Day Your Taxes Became a Piece of Cake

Remember the day you landed your first sale? How about the day you hired your very first employee?

You can make today just as memorable, and far less stressful, by turning your small business taxes into a piece of cake. This article outlines why tax season can be so tough on business owners and how we can turn that toughness around in order to make it a breeze.

The Biggest Mistake Self-Employed Entrepreneurs Make During Tax Time

Taxes 2Every decision we make within our business has consequences, both good and bad. These decisions also impact how much we pay and our risk when it comes time to do our taxes. The biggest mistake many self-employed entrepreneurs make during tax time is actually made long before the day your return is filed.

4 Necessities to Managing Your Firm’s Trust Accounting for Lawyers and Attorneys

FB CourthouseTrust accounting is the biggest liability for law firms and solo attorneys. One honest mistake can end in disastrous results. For proper management, there are four necessities. Here they are.

The Perfect Accounting System for Tax Season: Money Matters for Law Firms

“During most of the year, entrepreneurs don’t think much about accounting. They are (understandably) consumed by thoughts of serving their customers/clients, delivering a better product/service and finding more people to serve.

But then taxes roll around, and business owners scramble to pull things together. That’s when many realize – this just isn’t working. There has to be a better way.”

Here is how to put into place the perfect system for your law firm.

The History of Tax Day and Making Tax Day Stress and Worry History for Your Small Business

The history of income taxes and Tax Day is much more interesting than you would think. Here is a brief overview of incomes taxes and the day itself, along with why in 2016 Tax Day was April 18th.

Be Confident in Your Small Business’ Taxes See How Kahuna Can Help


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