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Imagine a 2015 with simple, transparent, done for you bookkeeping…




Kahuna Accounting helps attorneys save time, money and stress by taking care of bookkeeping. Now, heading into a new year is the perfect time to make a simple, seamless transition.


Was Bookkeeping a Time-Consuming Headache in 2014?

As a solo attorney you have so many plates spinning, it’s critical to have systems in place that allow you to maximize your time. Wasting time with bookkeeping can suffocate your growth.

Many Solo and Small Law Firms Have a Broken System for Bookkeeping.

• You can’t see financial reports
• You can’t make projections for the future
• Your spouse is doing the books
• You have a shoebox of receipts and bills
• You waste time on data entry and bank reconciliations
• Tax season is a nightmare!

We know because these are the exact problems Kahuna Accounting has been fixing for attorneys from coast to coast.

A New Year is the Perfect Time For us to Fix Your Bookkeeping

With Kahuna…

• You get monthly financial reports
• You get weekly bank reconciliations
• You get set up in an accounting system
• You get a bookkeeper you can talk to
• You focus on your business – not the bookkeeping

Yet, many solo and small law firms continue to move forward with their broken system, because they can’t stop to make a change.

Now, we are making this transition simple

To kick off 2015, you can get a whole new bookkeeping system at a reduced setup cost of $250.

We’ll set you up in Xero accounting software. We’ll set up your chart of accounts. We’ll connect to your bank feeds and your practice management tool.

Then you can focus on growing your firm and have peace of mind to know your bookkeeping is being done right!

“Kahuna Accounting allows us to focus on what we do best — practice law. They save us time, money and stress because we know they are looking over our shoulder to ensure our books are accurate.”

– Ryan Kalamaya, RKV Law

Talk to us About a Fresh Start in 2015

Monthly Packages Start at $200


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