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Stop Looking in the Rearview Mirror

By September 2, 2014No Comments

“Sell painkillers, not vitamins.”

That’s the admonition given by David Kidder in his book, The Startup Playbook. The meaning in this line is people are motivated to make a change if you are able to solve a problem or relieve a pain. If you provide something that simply allows me to stay healthy or improve my life, I may say it’s a good idea, but I may not be motivated to change.

At Kahuna Accounting, our services can be seen as painkillers or vitamins. Often we focus on the painkiller element of saving time and helping you stop dealing with something that’s a pain in your business.

But even though vitamins may not be motivating, they are still very important when you are trying to build a business. This is the subject of a post today by Solo Practice University founder Susan Cartier Liebel.

Her article says why you will crash and burn by looking in the rear view mirror in your business.

As business owners, there is a temptation to scratch and hustle, fighting day by day to get by, without ever taking a macro-view of the big picture.

But what Kahuna Accounting and other powerful services allow business owners to do, is systematize parts of their business. Then you can maximize your time and effort and be proactive with the direction of your business.

Cartier-Liebel links to Kahuna in the article, saying:

“Your practice is only limited by your thinking. Never sit back and rest for long. Continually look for better ways to run the office, represent clients, manage your accounting, process payments, etc. Blue sky your ideas. Don’t limit yourself to what’s always been the accepted method. Especially in the legal field where technology is having the greatest impact because we were so far behind other industries, recognize that the role of the lawyer is changing. Therefore, how you functioned as a lawyer ten years ago will look radically different than ten years into the future. Start changing today.”

We couldn’t agree more, and believe this message applies to all entrepreneurs – not only small law firms. We are grateful to be mentioned in such a well-thought out post.

Don’t settle for day-by-day. Look ahead and be proactive with your business. Run your business, and don’t let it run you.

And to do that, you may need to invest in some vitamins.

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