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Taking control of your financials

By February 18, 2015No Comments

This is a busy time here at Kahuna Accounting.

The reason: It’s tax season.

More specifically, we are busy because tax season is the time of year that accounting is on people’s minds.

Throughout the year financials tend to get put on the backburner until February or March when we have to get taxes ready.

I think that’s a problem. What if you had a system working for you year-round? What if tax season was just like any other season where you could create financial reports and hand them off to your tax professional?

This is how professional businesses handle financials, and this idea of creating a financial system is something our Micky Deming writes about today at Attorney at Work.

If you are playing catch-up with financials right now, you might want to check out this post.

Read the post here.

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