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How to Increase Your Law Firm Revenue

| Business Growth, Entrepreneurial Lawyer Series | No Comments
Shh…This Is the Secret to Increasing Law Firm Revenue Even law firms that seem busy with cases and clients can struggle with revenue. It’s something every kind of business owner…

Priority & Sequence Matters!

| Accounting Clarity for Entrepreneurs Series, DRIVE series, One Minute Small Business Tips, Small Business | No Comments
Priority & Sequence Matters in YOUR Business In cooking – the right ingredients won’t always create your ideal and intended result if you get the priority and sequence wrong. All…

Approaching Accounting in a New Way

| Accounting, Entrepreneurial Lawyer Series | No Comments
During a podcast with Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing,  Frank Lunn, Founder of Kahuna Accounting, discussed a new approach to accounting.  Following are several key observations to look at…
Just Accounting

Diminishing ROI of “Just Accounting”

| Attorney Trust Accounting | No Comments
The power of words we use can be impactful beyond our imagination. I recall hearing over the years, "just clean up…", "just do…", and quickly dismissed the understated intent behind…