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Approaching Accounting in a New Way

| Accounting, Entrepreneurial Lawyer Series | No Comments
During a podcast with Tom Foster of Foster Web Marketing,  Frank Lunn, Founder of Kahuna Accounting, discussed a new approach to accounting.  Following are several key observations to look at…
Just Accounting

Diminishing ROI of “Just Accounting”

| Attorney Trust Accounting | No Comments
The power of words we use can be impactful beyond our imagination. I recall hearing over the years, "just clean up…", "just do…", and quickly dismissed the understated intent behind…

What Is Optimized Accounting?

| Small Business | No Comments
We have a little secret for you. It affects you whether you love, hate, or tolerate accounting as a necessary component of your business. This is a secret that's been…

What Metrics Matter In Your Practice?

| Accounting | No Comments
If you feel like your practice can achieve so much more than it is or if you are just simply tired of growing slowly, your practice metrics can be the…