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You Can’t Think Your Way Out of a Hole

Education or knowledge alone are not the keys to wealth and success. If education or knowledge were the keys to wealth and success, then why are not all college professors wealthy? This is not meant to imply that they are not successful. Knowledge is only the first step. Application is the real key.

Take one step. Keep in mind Newton’s 1st Law of Motion. Take a step and create motion toward your goals. It takes more energy to get a train started than it does to keep it moving. It is like this when you want to accomplish something meaningful.

The most difficult time is the contemplation prior to starting. Doubt, second guesses, fear, all work to prevent you from taking action which is the most important thing to do. Have you ever had to push a car? The absolute most difficult time is the first few inches. After you start, momentum acts as an ally to assists your efforts. You must believe that you have control over your own future.

Action is empowering and liberating. Even when you are not necessarily doing the most correct activity, do something to propel you forward. Action releases and uncovers future steps and creates opportunities and learning.

Action Creates Optimism

In true Stack The Logs! fashion, there are results created which can be incrementally reinvested and improved upon. As I began to take action toward the writing and creation of this book, small successes in learning and doing produced results for me to build on. As I started to show a tangible outline or chapters, my confidence grew and I was able to continue to learn and apply what I was writing about.

Some of the action steps I took were not the most direct route to my objective, but in doing, I learned and could apply to other areas of my undertaking. Action and consistent forward progress were my only real goals during several stages of this project. Action leads to confidence and leads to experience and proficiency in whatever you choose to do. Although I read several books for information along this journey, without application what is learned is only the ingredients in the pan.

If you start to doubt yourself or lack the confidence to move boldly down a path, catalog some or all of your past successes even in unrelated areas. Do not allow yourself to get boxed in with limited options. Seek creative or even partial solutions. Action sets the basis for the cumulative effect and leads to success.

The law of incremental improvement explains that gains made in one area of life tend to transcend and produce an effect in other areas as well. Every improvement and advantage gained in one area ads to improvement and gains in other areas. This is akin to the rich get richer concept.

Flood your chosen opportunity with activity. As the famous German philosopher, Goethe remarked, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

This post is an excerpt from the book Stack the Logs! written by Kahuna Business Group’s Founder/ CEO Frank F. Lunn.

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