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The Tools I Use at Work: Kahuna Business Group’s Michael Luchies

Our business, like yours, utilizes online tools to make what we do possible. As a virtual accounting team, we rely on Xero cloud accounting software to provide accounting services to entrepreneurs.

In early February, we shared the tools that Kahuna Business Group’s Alec Reed uses on a daily business and his assessment of each tool. In this post, we check-in with entrepreneur and Kahuna Business Group Business Development team member Michael Luchies to get his take on what online tools are important to him and his advice to others based on these tools. Here are four tools he uses on a daily basis.


“Grammarly plays a part in every article, blog post, case study, or YouTube video description I publish. I use it daily to screen for grammatical errors and to improve the quality of my writing. When writing several articles every day, Grammarly helps me quickly put the final touches on a piece, which helps me save time and make sure there aren’t any obvious mistakes in my work.

This software goes above and beyond spelling mistakes and is far better than any spell check feature I’ve used in the last ten years. I pay for a yearly subscription ($139.95), and it’s worth every penny for me.

I recommend looking into Grammarly if you write daily or if emails are a significant aspect of your job due to their email plugin.”


“I used to avoid YouTube at all costs. I was a written-content purist who rejected the notion that content is shifting from articles to videos. Not only do I now create videos, but I’ve also learned the value and impact that a video with a well-written video description can have on search engine optimization efforts.

If you create content of any kind, you need to find ways to turn blog posts or podcasts into YouTube videos. Their affiliation with Google will help you appear in search results, and your videos will give you access to a different segment of your target market that may prefer watching a video on YouTube than reading an article with the same content. YouTube is one of my newest best friends (yes, I know it’s been around a decade).”

Google Drive

“Question: What forces someone who can be stubborn to change to switch from storing documents on a hard drive to the keeping them in the cloud?

Answer: Accidentally destroying computers, which left me without a significant portion of the work I had done in the past.

Google Drive allows me to collaborate with my clients and coworkers, and makes sure that my work is saved immediately. I also love that I don’t have to email files to myself or others in order for them to see it. Google Drive is THE MOST VALUABLE tool for my business (TrepRep), and my work at Kahuna Business Group.”


“Do you feel incompetent when it comes to graphic design? If you haven’t discovered Canva, you are missing out on the BEST design tool for creating simple images I have ever found. This is a lifesaver (or even a business creator) for people that post on social media or need images for blog posts. It’s really simple to use, free if you don’t use their images, and their templates and features are simply amazing. I hate hyping things due to the possibility of letting down someone I know, but I 100% recommend Canva. I don’t receive anything from Canva for raving about what they provide, but I wouldn’t stop them if they tried to pay me J.”

What tools do you use? Have you used any of the tools above? Post below in the comments sections.

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