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Hi Entrepreneur.

I want to share a commonly used word with a deeper meaning beyond the normal surface understanding.  This word is ‘dynamic’.

Dynamic as an adjective means “characterized by constant change, activity, or progress”.  As a noun, dynamic means “a force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.”

Your business is NOT static; your business is dynamic.  Business is never static; it is always changing.  As business owners and entrepreneurs focus on growth, profit, and cash-flow, they sometimes miss a major catalyst for wealth building.

This concept is a secret hiding in plain sight and available for any entrepreneur who will take the time to discover this New Science of Strategic Business Valuation including:

1. NEW Technologies
2. NEW Methodologies
3. NEW Entrepreneur-Centric Approach

What makes this new process so revolutionary is adding the key ingredient of “dynamic” to the approach. Anything one and done has limited value and limited shelf-life.

However, when you can add a dynamic – or more specifically an ongoing dynamic guidance perspective–  to what was previously a static approach, your potential results are magnified and multiplied.

As we work with entrepreneurs and business builders to apply the “New Science of Strategic Business Valuation”, the heart of the process is the focus of an ongoing and dynamic approach following an initial process of discovery.

As with most things, an initial discovery is the first part of the journey.  Discovery is an excellent launching point followed by ‘dynamic’ as an iterative and self-correcting ongoing process.

When we talk about traditional business valuation versus a ‘dynamic’ business valuation, there is a stark difference in the meaning and what the difference might mean for your business.

 Traditional business valuations are static.  The traditional valuation process is extremely challenging, embarrassingly intrusive, incredibly painful, and terribly expensive. The traditional process was very dry and only fit the criteria provided by a checklist.

The biggest drawback from an entrepreneurial perspective is that without a dynamic component, this static business valuation as a one-time snapshot provides very little applicable feedback to reinvest back into improving the business.

The value of adding “dynamic” to a business valuation process is in applying everything forward – from where you are now and in understanding where you are going. Dynamic in this context is exciting!  

A one-size-fits-all approach to your business valuation is hindering and less than effective.  A one-time snapshot does very little to help you navigate into your future.  You need a way to survey and understand changes so you can respond and focus AS changes and opportunities occur.

Your business is – and forever will be – dynamic.   As an entrepreneurial business leader, you must lead ‘dynamic’ as well.   Each quarter provides an opportunity to learn and adapt.  You can accept feedback from your financials and recalibrate to correct your course as needed to align with your objectives.

With greater clarity and refined intentionality, you can add calibrated focus as part of a positive, ongoing feedback loop.

Now your business valuation, as part of your business development mechanism, improves your strategic business planning. Through this dynamic process, your business value transforms into one of your key performance indicators.

Just think about it…

  1. Clarity– You will see your business performance from a 10,000-foot view, resulting in better decisions to save precious time and money.
  2. Intentionality– Each quarter, you will have a fellow entrepreneur asking the right questions, offering the right advice, tracking your results, and recalibrating all of your efforts toward achieving your goals.
  3. Calibrated Focus– Business being dynamic, the fastest path to travel and achieve your goals is continuously shifting – rather slightly or in some cases massively. With an ongoing business valuation, you have everything you need to discover what the most direct and efficient path is to achieve your goals every quarter.
  4. Positive, Ongoing Feedback Loop– Feedback is an essential part of development. With no ability to send or receive feedback, there would be no improvement. Slow feedback generally yields lower results.

Increasing feedback cycles through the dynamic business valuation process produces a smoother, longer, superior result.  Each quarter you will receive entrepreneur-centric feedback through a continuous process of discovery, pathfinding, recalibration, and calibrated focus.

The process is not static; whatever your results are today can be applied to change tomorrow. You have the opportunity and the power to design, to deliver, and to drive what you want the value of your business to be. Because it is not, and it never will be, static. It is, and it always will be, dynamic.

Business is dynamic, so don’t think static.  The initial Discovery Value NaVigator™ program was designed to start an ongoing, iterative and goal-calibrating, while the Dynamic Value NaVigator™  journey will give you the clarity and intentionality needed to reach your business goals faster.

The value of your business is the foundation of your future wealth.   The best way to predict the future is to design it and build it yourself.

It is your dynamic business – you own it… so OWN it!

Thanks Entrepreneur!

Frank F Lunn
CEO & Founder of Kahuna Business Group

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