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Do you ever find yourself dreaming up amazing goals you’d love to achieve and then never taking any action on them?

All entrepreneurs, including myself, set lofty dreams and goals without ever taking action. It’s not because we don’t want to accomplish them or because we’re lazy, it’s because we have millions of tasks, ideas, and goals inside of our minds all fighting for our attention.

The reason so many of our goals never turn into reality is because we don’t create an action plan and then act on it. We need to separate our true goals and dreams from the rest of the noise we face on a daily basis to make sure we’re focusing on what’s important. Sound difficult? Well, there’s an extremely simple formula to turning any goal into an action plan. First, let’s break down what a goal actually is.

Ingredients + Steps
Any goal can be broken out into ingredients (everything that’s needed to accomplish a goal) and steps (the specific actions using the ingredients that will lead into one day achieving the goal).
We’ll do a quick example and then your action step will be to outline three of your goals, either for your life or your business in this manner — by stating the goal, writing down the ingredients, and then forming the steps that will help you accomplish the goal.
My goal: Get 100 views on this video
Ingredients: Valuable Video, Call to Action, Effective Promotion
1. Create amazing video
2. Write description for video description and blog post
3. Publish and republish video to reach target market
4. Promote video on (call to action) Twitter, Facebook, and in an upcoming email newsletter
I believe these steps will get this video to 100 views. Now it’s your turn. Turn one of your goals into ingredients and steps to create an action plan to accomplish one of your goals.
Comment below with a goal you have, and the ingredients and steps it will take to achieve it!

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