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There aren’t many jobs in today’s world that don’t require technology. Even jobs and businesses that don’t necessarily require electronic tools are using them due to their efficiency and to keep up with consumer demands.

This week, we published “The Tools I Use at Work: Kahuna Business Group’s Alec Reed.” Alec explains three of the tools he uses and his thoughts and recommendations for others based on each tool.

One of the tools Alec has taken ownership of within Kahuna Business Group is Infusionsoft. It allows us to store and organize information for clients, automate billing, setup processes within our website to save time and increase efficiency in the way we guide and lead current and prospective customers through our website.

Tool UsingWe live in a world of “life hacks” and shortcuts, but when it comes to tools that improve our business, we can’t always take a shortcut that doesn’t save time while improving a process. Technology allows us to save time, save money, and increase our output without putting more in, but we often refuse these tools and technology disruptions because we’re stuck in our ways or unwilling to make the investment to improve the tools that we use.

Read “The Tools I Use at Work: Kahuna Business Group’s Alec Reed”

Your business is only as good as the tools you have and use. Take this week to evaluate the tools you’re using in your business. If there are obvious pains or outdated software you’re using, there is most certainly a better solution that exists in the market. Take some time to research options, reviews, and pricing to determine if your business could be improved by simply updating the tools we use.

Kahuna Accounting Update

It’s a busy time at Kahuna Accounting as we head into tax season. As always we want to remind you that if tax season is painful and if you’re fighting to gather information, we can help organize financials so that next year taxes are done in just a few quick steps.

Just head to this page and fill out the form and you can set up an appointment to learn how we serve entrepreneurs with our tremendous virtual accounting team.

Have you been paying attention to our Accounting Clarity for Entrepreneurs Series? If not, don’t worry, because you can view all of our tutorials to date on YouTube. If you’re not familiar with the new series, each week we publish a video tutorial on our blog and on YouTube detailing a specific aspect of managing your small business’ accounting and bookkeeping. This week, we covered how to find owner’s draw, what it means, and why it’s so important. Watch “How to Find Owner’s Draw and What it Means” here. Here are the three topics we’ve covered so far:

This Week on the Kahuna Accounting Blog


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Happy Early Valentine’s Day! We created this just for you!

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