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Knowing and Understanding What Your Value Is, As a Business Owner, Is Critical.

The context of knowing one’s business value is generally only thought about in regards to exits. Up until recently, obtaining your business value was not practical and very elusive. There weren’t tools available to help you understand your value. All you got was an archaic approach with old applications utilizing dated sciences and methodologies.

So Why Learn My Value Today?

Well maybe a better question is; is your business going to drift to in the next six months? Do you want to drift to where you end up or do you want to drive to the destination of your choice?

You allocate so much time, money, and resources into your business. You want to see growth. You want to reap the benefits of your success, but how do you measure your success if you don’t know where you are currently? How can you gauge where you want to go with no predisposition of where you were?

Here Is A Very Realistic Situation For You…

You’re looking to bring in a partner, OR a partner is leaving. How much does this partner need to invest in order to buy in? How much do you need to pay out for a partner exiting? It’s important to understand what creates value, what drives, magnifies, and multiplies value. It’s equally important to know what diminishes or even destroys value. This monumental time in your business needs to be backed by data, so you aren’t losing money that you worked so hard to earn; that way, you can maximize the return of your sweat equity!

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My mission as a business builder and owner is to prevent what happened to me, from happening to other business owners.

Busy, businessIf you’re an entrepreneur building a business, you’re just busy, busy, busy. If you’re not concerned with the foundation of your future wealth, you’re in for a huge surprise. It’s not the kind of surprise that you’re going to like.

It was a surprise for me, and it cost my partner’s and me over four million dollars, which is probably a slight exaggeration… to the lower end. For my sanity, I say $4M, so I don’t lament too much. The hard truth was; there was just so much we didn’t know we didn’t know.

Had we known just a little bit and had some time to make changes…
We could have literally altered the course of our history…
We may have prevented the sale of our business altogether…
We could have seen a better reward by knowing where our negotiations should have begun…

Knowing the Value Of Your Business Today Is Critical If You Want To Be Intentional About Where Your Business Is Going Tomorrow.

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