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At Kahuna Accounting, we aren’t in the business of accounting – we are here to help entrepreneurs succeed!

So this week, we are sharing an interview we hosted with Diana Stepleton of Ruby Receptionists and it’s all about strengthening your business by creating a great experience for your prospects and clients.

You can see the video below, but if you want the short version, here are three key takeaways you can use to grow your business immediately.

1. Make it easy for someone to call you

While everything is shifting to automation and mobile, people are creating human interactions more than ever.

And even though your prospects are going to do their research before they make a decision, data says they are increasingly likely to pick up the phone.

This is important because many websites do not have a phone number readily available. Diana says you should have your phone number everywhere. Your prospects do not have a long attention span. If they are browsing, give them a chance to talk to you right away.

2. Make their day better

When you do have a conversation, you have an important opportunity to give them a good experience. At Ruby, they train their receptionists to “make people’s day better.”

They even are excited about the chance during any interaction to make someone’s day improve which has a ripple effect to their family and their community.

What about your team? Do you dread incoming calls? Do you treat them as a burden? If so, you need to have people on the phones who are looking for a chance to make someone’s day a little bit better. That can have a huge impact on your business.

3. Look for an opportunity to Wow!

In addition to being genuinely pleasant and listening well, Ruby trains their receptionist to always look for an opportunity to wow.

They have Amazon gift cards ready and will make small purchases just from listening during conversations. Whether it’s about a favorite sports team, or a new baby, these little real-life moments are great opportunities to make a lasting impression and once again – be a real human to someone else.

Another big opportunity is writing notes. Hand-written notes don’t take a ton of effort but can be very meaningful to those who receive them.

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And check out the full video interview with Diana from Ruby here:


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