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We are Not Selling Accounting

By September 8, 20154 Comments

At the Marketing and Sales side at Kahuna Accounting, we often have to remind ourselves, “We aren’t selling accounting.”

The reason why is nobody wants “accounting.” As entrepreneurs, you want a lot of things. You want a successful business that makes an impact. You want to build freedom of time and money for yourself.

You want a lot of things, but you don’t want accounting.

We understand an accounting solution that saves time and provides a greater level of clarity and confidence in a business is an essential element to getting those things you want, and those are the conversations we want to have.

We have tried recently to have more conversations around our clients’ and prospective clients’ aspirations and goals.

At Kahuna our motto that is actually painted on our walls is:

“We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve!”

How can that be true if we are not deeply trying to understand what a victory looks like for those we are hoping to serve? Sometimes their victory may not match up with what we are trying to provide.

And almost every time, talking about balance sheets and P & L statements are not an entrepreneur’s idea of a “victory.”

As we are asking these questions, it has been eye opening to hear the responses. We talked to a business last week that has been growing over the past three years, but has never taken the time to get the business organized, because their sole focus has been rapid growth.

When we recently asked a new client what a victory would be, and how accounting played into that this was the response:

“I want to feel like a legitimate business. I don’t want to feel amateur in how I’m running things, and I want to be able to leave the office or take a vacation and know I’m OK. I want to be able to know when I can hire and do it with confidence. I feel like that’s what a legitimate, established business does, and right now, we’re not there yet.”

How much does an answer like this reframe “accounting?” We are not providing an integrated online solution. We are not just taking minutiae off the plate of an owner.

We help the entrepreneur feel empowered and in control. We help the growing business transition from growth-mode to legitimate and confident.

We help businesses go to the next level and begin working on the business, rather than in the business.

We love accounting and we love our numbers. But we aren’t selling accounting services. We are selling the entrepreneurial journey from start to legacy.

What’s a victory for you?

We’d love to talk and see if we can help.


  • Tom Schwab says:

    Accounting and book keeping are a commodity you can probably find anywhere. I was looking for trust and confidence in a partner that could tell me what it all meant to my business Kahuna gave me that and more. They freed up time for me to focus on my core business. They also freed up time worrying about if this non accountant small businesses owner was doing it right or at least the way the IRS views as acceptable!

  • Micky Deming says:

    Thanks for the comment Tom! Totally agree trust and confidence is what’s truly valuable especially for an entrepreneur and when it’s related to financials!

  • Josh brown says:

    Great article! A victory for me is when I feel as though the company I am working with understands my business, business goals, and can help me leverage both in an authentic and transparent manner.

  • Micky Deming says:

    Thanks so much Josh! Keep up the awesome work, and go Colts!

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