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We Use Xero Because it is the Best Accounting Software

By March 12, 20142 Comments

We are often asked the question, “Why do you guys use Xero, and not Quickbooks? Is there really a difference?”

We love when we get asked that question. Our accounting team especially loves it, because it gives them a chance to rave about the quality and even beauty of working in Xero.

Our simple answer, though, is “We use Xero because it’s the best.”

For what we want to do for Small Businesses, we’ve never seen anything that works as well for our accounting team, and even more importantly for our clients.

Read more about our story switching to Xero.

Now, it’s very easy to say Xero is the best, but why should you believe us? Well, that’s why we love it when the experts agree, and typically if you ever see Xero reviewed by media, they will agree.

It’s the best.

Here is another article today, sharing how Xero beat out everyone else in recent features by both MacWorld and PCWorld.

See what they have to say

It’s always good to work with the best.

And best of all, Xero doesn’t seem to be satisfied with being the best. They are hoping to continually push themselves to innovate and improve for their users.

Here’s what Ian Vacin of Xero had to say about the honor:

While we appreciate the kind words from both PCWorld and Macworld, we are continuing to focus on improving Xero – day in and day out. We are always incorporating feedback from our customers and thinking of ways to do things differently. From myself and the rest of the Xero team, thank you to all our customers (both small businesses and accounting professionals across the globe) for your feedback and support to help us build the best online accounting platform on the planet.

If you want to try it out and see it for yourself, contact us and we can get you started.