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How to Build a Financial System for Victory

This is a webinar Kahuna Accounting shared with Credit Suite and Ty Crandall about how accounting at its highest level is not a necessary evil, but a drive for growth.

In fact, solid accounting provides the only scoreboard and the only road map to achieving your goals.

Check it out:


Money Matters for Law Firms: How to Secure Your Financials

This is a webinar we did with Clio Practice Management directed primarily for attorneys, but the lessons apply for any entrepreneur.

The big picture in this lesson is to have a successful accounting system you need to 1. Prioritize financials, 2. Get the right tools in place and 3. Make it a team effort.

Watch it now:


7 Ways to Grow Your Business with Bookkeeping

For most entrepreneurs, bookkeeping is a necessary evil. It’s an annoyance to check off the list and either ignore or hope to just get it over with.

But what if bookkeeping could actually hold the secret to growth for a business? What if a financial awareness created the freedom, clarity, vision and practical decision-making information to help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level?

As Kahuna Accounting has grown, we have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs have their mentality completely change by finally feeling in control of their bookkeeping. And the craziest part – bookkeeping has actually helped them grow their business, save time and make MORE money.

This webinar will help you discover the power of financial savvy for entrepreneurs.


The Perfect Accounting System and How to Get it

Here is another webinar we did with Clio. Many entrepreneurs understand how painful tax season can be. But does it have to be that way?

Not with a great system in place. With the right system, you can look forward instead of backward and have a simple, painless tax season.

This webinar demonstrates how to make that happen.

Tax Season: Building The Perfect Accounting System for Your Law Firm from Clio on Vimeo.