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Weekly Kahuna Newsletter Week of 2/15

By February 19, 2016No Comments

Courage consists not in blindly overlooking danger, but in seeing it, and conquering it.”

– Jean Paul

What We Learned This Week

Even in exciting and adventurous murder mystery movies, the killer is often someone that’s so obvious you’re mad at yourself for not figuring it out earlier. The same happens in our business.

What takes us down in instances of failure can be so obvious and avoidable.

This week we published a tutorial on the importance of aged receivables.

Doesn’t that sound so amazingly exciting? Probably as exciting as getting poked in the eye with a stick, as is most of accounting. But the problem with overlooking the boring is that both dangers and opportunities within your business are rarely the most exciting and innovative. We gravitate to the exciting and the things we enjoy in our businesses, and we look right past things that are staring us right in the face, just like the murder mystery.

Aged receivables are monies that are yours but not in your pocket. They are in somebody else’s pocket and you haven’t even told them to hand it over yet. It’s easy money lying on the table. In fact, it’s your money and you need to collect it.

Learn about aged receivables by reading the post and viewing the short lesson here. Don’t leave your money in somebody else’s pocket!

Do You Know How to Grow Your Business with Bookkeeping?

You know what else is overlooked? Bookkeeping. Poor bookkeeping rarely gets noticed. It’s like the pretty young woman in a teen movie who is disguised as a nerd until they take her glasses off and put her in a dress, and all of a sudden she stuns the rest of the school with her beauty. Well, let us take the glasses off of bookkeeping for you.

Take 45 minutes of your time to watch Micky Deming’s podcast on 7 Ways to Grow Your Business with Bookkeeping. By the way, we’ve always thought bookkeeping was pretty cute.

Kahuna Accounting Update

Did you know we have options for entrepreneurs who are just getting started or can’t afford our typical full service bookkeeping options? Check out TREPX Accounting – a solution built to help you get your system going in the right direction.

Opportunity for You

Want to be published on the Kahuna Blog? Contribute this week by telling us what tedious task you dislike the most in regards to necessary aspects of your business (paying taxes doesn’t count J). Email with you answer.

Don’t overlook the dangers and opportunities in your business. Make sure you’re taking advantage of what’s staring at you in the face!

  • The Kahuna Accounting Team

P.S. As you may have guessed, the team member that wrote this email has spent way too much time lately watching movies on Netflix.

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