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What do you suck at?

We can’t be great at everything, but we often hide our weaknesses. Well, not today!

Recognizing what you suck at is a great first step in optimizing your time and efforts. After you determine what you stink at, you can decide to give it up if it’s not important to your business or daily activities, hire someone else who specializes in it, or if it’s extremely important and you should be the one doing it, make a commitment to improving at it.

Here are three things I suck at:

Defeating Anxious Procrastination
Getting Enough Sleep

One of the things I’ve done in the past is to hire a virtual assistant to help with scheduling, which also lowered my anxiety.

Action Step: Right now, I want you to think of and write down three things you suck at. Then, determine if each item is something you can get help with, outsource, or should take the time to improve at. If it’s something that isn’t a core function of your business or something you need to be good at, you should probably outsource it to someone who can do it better to free up your time for what’s important.

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