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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Accounting

By December 1, 2015No Comments

Above is a picture of the Kahuna Accounting team. Most of the people you see are accountants. One of them is definitely an entrepreneur. All of them are a bit strange, but that’s for another post.

This month, Frank Lunn celebrated his 20th year in business. His long journey has taken him through almost everything, which includes founding Kahuna Accounting in 2012.

Even though he started a very successful accounting business, Frank is not an accountant. He’s not even what you’d call a “numbers person.” He is an entrepreneur, and in his entrepreneurial journey he realized how incredibly important it is to have an understanding of your finances.

His pain in his own entrepreneurial journey was the basis for building a robust accounting team and eventually building a company to solve that pain for entrepreneurs all over the country.

Over at the TREPX Podcast, we decided to have an interview with Frank to talk about how that happened and why he finds accounting so important.

Here is the audio for the interview:

If you are not a numbers person yourself, and feel weak in the area of accounting and finance, you’ll find a lot of value in this interview, because it comes from the entrepreneurial perspective and in common sense language.

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