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What is Your Reward?

By January 29, 2014No Comments

Whatever your business is you have goals. You have set metrics that define what success means to you.

In addition to your goals, I believe, you have rewards. By reward, I mean that experience that truly allows you to know in your mind, “This is good.”

We live for those rewards. We need those rewarding experiences to drive us forward. The goals are nice, but the rewards along the way mean so much more.

Let me explain.

A few years back I had a one year stint as a JV basketball coach. As a coach the goals are obvious. 1. Win games. 2. Don’t screw anything up.

What I found interesting about coaching is that the most rewarding experiences were all things I had nothing to do with. As a coach, I wanted to make the right decisions, and do certain things that put my team in a position to win.

But the most rewarding times were in seeing the kids succeed. Seeing them do what they wanted to do meant so much to me, even if I had nothing to do with it.

What I learned was that a good coach kind of fades into the background. My success came through providing the players an opportunity for their success.

I spoke with an entrepreneur this week who owns a Crossfit gym in Wisconsin. We talked about creating systems for business, the competitiveness in that industry and the challenges that come along with the previously unknown role of “boss.”

As a trainer and coach himself, my friend was working through the challenge of stepping out of the day-to-day coaching so he could focus on running the business. He missed some of those regular interactions in the gym, but knew the best impact would be had through empowering other coaches to do their job of training the athletes well.

I reminded him that although it can be hard in the day-to-day, a quick step back to see the big picture shows something quite beautiful.

He’s been able to take his gift of fitness knowledge and coaching skill and pass it on to others so a community can come in and transform their lives.

And that’s exactly what has happened. See

He agreed that it’s been great, but it’s hard to see in the day-to-day. When he took a step back to see the big picture, he realized there are many victories happening all the time. He just sometimes isn’t able to see it.

As a coach, he could create the victories directly with an athlete. As the “business owner” his job is to create systems and put a process in place for more coaches and more athletes to achieve more victories.

This is exactly what Kahuna Accounting is all about. We’re about achieving victories through others. We love entrepreneurs like my friend, who have taken their skills and put so much effort in to serve others.

On the surface, when you see Kahuna Accounting you will see that we are providing a service of our team of experienced accountants, along with a product of Xero’s beautiful accounting software.

But it’s not about a product or a service.

It’s about our reward. And our reward is seeing entrepreneurs thrive.

We know that a business owner doesn’t want to think about accounting software. In fact, we agree that a business owner should be thinking as little about accounting software as possible.

It’s just like when I coached basketball. I didn’t want people coming to me and commenting on my coaching decisions. I would much rather hear about a great pass or a great shot by one of the kids. That was my reward.

With Kahuna Accounting, we aren’t looking to be the star of the show. Our goal is for entrepreneurs to have the freedom, peace-of-mind and confidence to do what they do well. When we see clients grow and achieve their victories, THAT is our reward.

So leave a comment. What is your reward?

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