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What “Outsourced” Means to Us: Kahuna Accounting’s 100% American-Based Virtual Team

By May 5, 2016May 12th, 2017No Comments

When we describe the virtual accounting services Kahuna Accounting provides as “outsourced” accounting to someone, we often see a blank stare or concerned look.

123 Image 1The mental image our mind paints when we hear the word outsourced is a large company overseas without values or an effective corporate culture that cares more about profit margins than they do about customers. Kahuna Accounting is the exact opposite of this.

At Kahuna Accounting, we have a growing tight-knit team that is 100% U.S. based, right here in the Midwest (Bloomington, Illinois to be specific). Using Xero cloud accounting software, we can, and do, work with any small business in America.

From a small law firm in Tacoma, Washington to world-renowned podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, our team helps these businesses look forward financially. We take bookkeeping off of their plate so they can focus on what’s important to grow their company.

We provide everything you’d get from hiring a bookkeeper in house, except you don’t have to train us, manage us, pay our benefits or worry about us leaving. We do accept invitations to the company Christmas party J

So if you’re looking for a great virtual accounting team that cares about your business and will help you navigate the complexities of accounting and bookkeeping, we’d love for you to give Kahuna Accounting a chance to serve you. “We achieve our victories through the victories of those we serve” is painted on our walls and is an integral part of our views and the care we put into our work for small businesses like yours.

To find out more, see how we help small businesses grow here, and feel free to contact us to set up a short call to learn how our team can help.


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