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What’s with the name “Kahuna?”

By February 4, 2014No Comments

Confession time.

I work for Kahuna Business Group.

I have never been to Hawaii.

I have never surfed.

Kahuna Business Group is located in Central Illinois, far from any coasts.

So what’s up with Kahuna? Where does that name come from?

Kahuna came from a conversation long ago involving our CEO Frank Lunn. As entrepreneurial ideas were thrown around, a short phrase came out. “If this works out it could be the big Kahuna.”

And Kahuna was born.

But it’s much more than that. Kahuna is a mindset, and it’s a way of thinking that pervades everything we do here as a team.

If you were standing at a shore and a massive wave was bearing down on you, what emotion would come to you?


Or would it be exhilaration?

For me it would be terror. A giant wave coming down and nowhere to go. Not a great situation.

But what if you knew how to surf? Then all of a sudden that same terrifying wave is something pretty cool. It’s an opportunity. It’s excitement.

The difference in these two experiences is not about the power of the wave. The difference is in knowing how to surf.

That’s how we view business at Kahuna. Challenges, obstacles and even failures will come at us in all different forms. No business goes on without difficulty, and many of the challenges will do their best to crush us.

For some, the goal is to avoid the challenges. We fear wiping out so we never go near the ocean. Why risk it when we can get crushed.

But unfortunately, there is no success without facing the challenges. And you never get to experience the wild ride of the great surf.

So at Kahuna, what we do is equip business owners and teach them how to surf. We help you take the challenges that come your way and make the most out of them.

The truth is that many times the biggest challenges are actually our greatest opportunity.

That’s why we are so passionate about our accounting packages through Xero. It’s not because we can provide a better accounting solution. It’s because we help businesses run a better business.

When you work with us, you work with a team that cares and wants to see you succeed.

Our accounting team has seen some pretty massive waves and wipeouts, and we want to help others surf those big waves.

So don’t let the Kahuna name fool you. You may think it’s a little weird, and maybe it is, but please don’t question our ability to surf!

Want to learn more about how Kahuna serves businesses with Xero? Check out one of our free upcoming webinars!

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