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When Less Equals More

I’m currently reading a powerful and helpful book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone because it has already meant a world of difference for myself and I haven’t even finished it yet.

I’m planning on doing a longer post when I’m finished really diving into the depths of this content, but for now I want to share some important lessons.

The key overall point is that too often we let other people, via expectations or unnecessary commitments dictate what we get out of life or business.

We try to please others or impress them so we say “yes” to almost everything and end up frustrated with how busy we are.

But the Essentialist knows there are only a few things in life that are truly vital, and almost everything else is a waste of time.

You should definitely read it but I’ll share some key takeaways from what I’ve already seen:

• Busy is not synonymous with productive
• We need to be relentless in discerning what is truly important
• Doing less can actually lead to a greater outcome of productivity
• Almost everything is noise, and only a few things are exceptionally valuable

I love this, and it fits perfectly with Kahuna’s philosophy with accounting.

That’s why we teach entrepreneurs and lawyers to simplify bookkeeping, because bookkeeping is a great way to stay busy, but a poor use of time when you have so many essential things on your plate.

This Thursday, we are doing a webinar teaching our philosophy to accounting and bookkeeping that can help you see the big picture and focus on what truly matters.

I’d love to have you join, and I’ll keep it short so it’s a powerful use of your time.



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