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We are confident that you will love working with Kahuna.

We know that because it’s what people tell us. They love it.

I guess that’s what happens when you make things easier for people. They get pretty happy.

And it’s not just our clients who love us. We aim to make things easier for everyone involved with the businesses we serve.

Why Banks Love Us

After launching Kahuna Accounting we started meeting with commercial lenders, because we thought it would be a good place to learn more about business owners.

When we talked to them, we kept hearing one thing: “A lot of businesses out there need your help.”

So we sought to help. Our core function is to ensure business owners have up-to-date, accurate financial reports every month.

When you have that, you can always stay in touch with your bank and have an easy conversation. No more going back-and-forth and chasing documents. We help businesses have the reports they need to share with the bank.

Why CPAs love us

Kahuna Accounting is not a CPA firm. Our goal is to work with the small business to help them have efficient and understandable financials. We do not aim to take the place of a CPA.

In fact, we love working with CPAs. Too many CPAs are doing the same thing as banks. Going back and forth, tracking down information so they can prepare taxes. That wasted time is good for nobody.

When you work with Kahuna, you’ll be able to provide the CPA with the information they need, and tax season will be dramatically simplified. And the CPA is happy because you made their life much easier.

Why Xero loves us

Xero has created a unique business model that relies on professional accountants to work with their customers.

Rather than getting the software and working with Xero, you can work with an advisor that knows Xero, knows accounting and most importantly, knows who you are.

Xero is an extremely dynamic and powerful tool. But if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t get much benefit from it.

Kahuna helps businesses get started, so they can take off with Xero and get the most out of the great tool.

Why our clients love us

I’ll just let them say it.

Xero is an amazing service. Extremely easy to use and clear, concise training videos to help with any remaining questions the user may have. Additionally, the staff is exceptional – I work with Carin who has been a wonderful resource (and seems to have the patience of a saint). I highly recommend Xero to any business that needs an easy solution to managing its finances.

Tristin Bruno, Real Property Advisors Inc.

Kahuna Accounting has taken away all of the anxiety related to accounting – whether it be balance sheet & income statement preparation to the implementation of key performance metrics, they have allowed us to focus on what we do best, which is serving our clients.

Joanne Gordon, CEO B2 Capital Management

Moving to Xero has allowed me to focus my time on my business. Xero/Kuhuna has streamlined my invoicing solution and has allowed me to track invoice reconciliation. I've tried many different online solutions and Xero has been the best solution for my business.

Brad Crump, CEO Dark Sky Designs

Why you will love us

We invite you to try us out and see if we can make things easier for you too.