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One of the objections we hear on a regular basis is, “Kahuna Accounting is too big for my business.” In reality, Kahuna Accounting is a small business just like yours, and it all started some time ago with our founder and his entrepreneurially-minded friends. Today, Kahuna is a team composed of both entrepreneurs and accountants that work out of Bloomington, Illinois, a couple hours South of Chicago.

In another small city in Illinois, resides one of the many solo attorneys we work with – Brian Reidy of Reidy Law Office LLC. Reidy was one of the many clients we work with who once thought his business was too small to be a perfect fit. “I thought Kahuna was too big for someone like me, but I’ve grown (my business) because of it,” says Brian, who admitted the setup fee and size of Kahuna Accounting was intimidating at first. Now with a skilled team available to answer his questions, reconcile transactions and alert him of potential liabilities, he says “I couldn’t afford not to do it.”

Before making the decision to outsource his bookkeeping, Reidy tried to handle all of his own bookkeeping. “I did this (tried to catch up reconciling accounts) for an entire Saturday followed by a half day Sunday trying to figure some stuff out,” Reidy stated. While it feels like it should be cheaper to do it yourself than pay someone else to do it, Reidy quickly discovered how expensive it was to do his own books. “Alright guys, I gave it an honest effort, it’s time for the pros to do it,” Reidy thought as he decided to give over the bookkeeping responsibilities of his business to Kahuna. Brian ReidyRead the full case study on attorney Brian Reidy here!

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