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Why Financial Reports Matter

If you’re a business owner, the relationship you have with your bank is extremely important.
Unfortunately, working with a bank is getting harder and harder because of increasing regulations. That’s a problem for business owners, because they are often required to produce specific financial reports to a bank. For example, when:

1. You run into a great opportunity and need capital to expand
2. Something breaks or goes wrong and you need capital to fix it.
3. Your bank requires monthly or quarterly check-ins to monitor the status of your business.

In those cases, the thread that holds your relationship together is your financial reports.

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Get Live, Beautiful Reporting

View and share interactive reports and budgets in real-time, all prepared with a single click — no more waiting for month end. Complete your sales tax returns in minutes, not hours. All reports link through to the source transactions.

Comprehensive & Flexible

Over 40 reports cover basic and advanced financial reports: profit & loss, balance sheet, management reports, sales tax return, depreciation schedule, foreign currency gains & losses – all prepared with a single click or completely configurable.

Quick & easy 1099s

Take the hassle out of creating and filing your 1099 reports. Simply create a couple of rules and let Xero intelligently filter out all the transactions that match. Fine tune the details then file your 1099 online – beautiful.

Detailed exports & snapshots

Report snapshots let you track changes over time. Export reports to Excel or Google Docs and keep all the formatting and formulas. Or export them as a PDF.

Free Webinar: How Cloud Collaboration Makes Accounting Simple


What You Will Learn

• How successful business owners handle accounting
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• How to spend more time focusing on your business
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