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Xero for Small Business

By February 14, 2014No Comments

Once again, Xero is being heavily featured in the news. We love when this happens, because a lot of times – here in Illinois – we still have people who haven’t heard of Xero.

But that’s beginning to change, with more and more people taking notice of this incredible software every day.

Today Xero is featured in Smallbiztrends

The entire article feature with Jamie Sutherland is worth a read, but I really like this part on why Xero benefits a small business owner.

We focus on simplicity and ease of use. We’ve won some awards around our software being just that. We hear from small businesses time and time again that accounting can be complicated. So what we do is strip out all the accounting jargon for a small business so they understand the critical pieces of their business – which comes back to cash flow. It’s a clear line of site into what money is coming into the business and what money is going out.

There’s no doubt Xero is making some serious waves. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, Kahuna can help.


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