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Xero’s new additions focusing on US growth

By February 18, 2014No Comments

We always love reading about Xero in the news.

Accounting Today featured Xero today with a look at new CEO Peter Karpas.

See the full article here.

No surprises here, but always good to hear about Xero continuing to ramp up efforts in the US to provide a better solution for small business owners.

Also it’s great to see a quote like this, where Xero is avoiding the underdog label, knowing they are at the top of the list when it comes to accounting software.

“What does this mean from the standpoint of the other competitors in the market? What we’re saying here is, when you get the kind of people on the board that we’ve got, like Chris and Bill, it’s no longer David versus Goliath. David’s grown up, and we’re in the big leagues now.” – Peter Karpas

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