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Kahuna Value NaVigator — XTREP Elite 100X100M Value Challenge

To:       Kahuna Leadership Team
From:   Frank Lunn
Re:       Vision & Intent for Kahuna Value NaVigatorXTREP Elite: 100X100M Valuation Challenge

Note from Frank– Following is a hybrid Executive Summary Overview – part Sales Letter with components of Manifesto added for conceptual communication and development.  This is intended for Kahuna Value NaVigator Team vision and alignment.  It is also designed for application and use in business development initiatives as well as client communication related to XTREP 100X100M Challenge.

Private & Confidential – Concepts & Plans Following Are Still In Development — Not Ready for Public Sharing Outside Kahuna Team w/Exception of Trusted Partners & Potential XTREP Value Collaborators w/Understanding Plan is Dynamic & Fluid – We’ll S.U.R.F to Adapt & Change as Needed.

ATTENTION: eXponential enTREPreneurs, Business & Empire Builders

Dear XTREP aka – eXponential enTREPreneur — aka – Ambitious, Visionary, Growth-Minded, World-Changing Business-Builder — Leading a Growing Team — Taking on New Bold & Audacious Challenges and New Opportunities – Forging A Path Where One Does Not Currently Exist – Going Against the Grain and Against Conventional Wisdom at Times… I Could Go On, But Assuming You Get it.

What Would It Be Worth If You Could Increase the Value of Your Business By $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars) — Or Even More Over the Next Two Years??

Hint… it is a LOT More Than Just a Million Dollars!!

The Kahuna Value NaVigator Team is Excited to Announce…

The 1st XTREP Elite 100X100M Value Challenge


XTREP ELITE  Bold & Audacious eXponential enTREPreneur Business Builders – DRIVEN to Achieve eXponential Growth & Value – Willing to Join 99 Other XTREP Peers as an XTREP Cohort in a “Learning, Living & Sharing” Challenge & Longitudinal Study to DRIVE & MaXimize Business Valuation

100X   =  100 XTREP Participants

100M  = $100 Million Dollar Value Delta (Average of $1M/XTREP)

VALUE CHALLENGE Mission of 100 Individual XTREPs to Collectively Improve the Documented Aggregate Valuation by $100 Million Dollars Or More Over a 2-Year Challenge

A Unique eXponential enTREPreneur Program (aka “Challenge”) Designed Specifically to Assist XTREPs to DRIVE Growth, Profit & Cash to MaXimize & Increase Enterprise Valuation by $1MM or More. 

Contributing to the Aggregate XTREP Bold & Audacious Mission: A DOCUMENTED 2-Year Business Valuation Improvement DELTA of:

$100,000,000 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS) or More!!

Limit of Only 100 Total XTREP Participants Challenged to

Benchmark & Improve Their Business Value by $1M or More

All-Inclusive Participation, Program & Commitment Fee Covering

All Aspects of the 2-Year Program – Only $10,000

Note: For reasons to be shared as you discover reading forward, this is not an ordinary sales program.  There are no standard discounts, trades, payment plans, traditional affiliate or referral commissions.  We are not launching via other people’s lists or trying to cast a wide funnel for conversion.

This approach breaks about every rule as it is a binary decision you either get or you don’t.  We’re building a future XTREP peer group with some elements of a non-traditional mastermind.  We want to be selective looking only to share this with people we know & trust (you) as well as potential XTREPs you know and trust.  This entire program is a special “one-off” from our other core businesses.  With a FIRM cap of 100 Total — Every XTREP we add changes the group dynamics and pH balance of the XTREP cohort.  This program is different by design which will be abundantly clear why as you learn & discover more.

XTREP 100X100M Represents a Bold & Audacious Challenge

100 XTREPs Increasing Business Value by Over $100,000,000!

If you’re reading this now you hopefully already know a little bit about us and this program.  You should know this is still early.  Nothing is polished or slick and it is certainly NOT ready for primetime.  It’s actually not really ready for anyone who doesn’t already know and trust us – or at least know others who know and trust us.

I’d be lying if I didn’t share that I’m a bit nervous to put all this out there.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve put thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into this program and this challenge. In some ways, this is the essence of being an XTREP – I believe this will fall completely flat with most entrepreneurs BUT will completely resonate with the right eXponential enTREPreneurs who will “get it” and desire to join our experiment/adventure.

We’re on this journey because of our own needs; scratching our own itch!  We desire to help other entrepreneurs distracted by diversions, hypnotized by hacks, tripped up by the latest tips & tricks and pulled in by the promises of yet another “Guru” to help you just add effort to their plans.

Oh, I’ve been down that road before… many times.

“Fool me once shame on me.  Fool me again and again… and again and again and again… Well, I must be an enTREPreneur willing to learn and put myself out there as one who is not afraid to fail greatly as I dare to succeed greatly!”  Sometimes paraphrased as “Go Big or Go Home!”

For Context, I Should Probably Introduce Myself.

Hi, My Name is Frank and I’m an XTREP!  (Hi Frank)… sorry, couldn’t resist

I’m proud to be an enTREPreneur and excited about the potential of working with and alongside other likeminded XTREPs on this bold & audacious mission with a strange enTREPreneurial dichotomy:

This program is 100% individual focused.  At the same time, over the next 27 or so months, it will also develop into 100% an XTREP Peer Group – each focused on our own business — as well as learning, living & sharing with other as-yet-to-be-determined XTREP peers as part of this grand living experiment.

As I mentioned, I’ve been an enTREPreneur almost my whole life.  I have experience and am battle tested.  I have some exciting accomplishments and some humbling failures.  I’m an expert at several things, yet a never-ending student of most things related to business & entrepreneurship.

I’ve coached many successful entrepreneurs and I’ve mentored as well as been mentored by some phenomenal business people.  I’ve spoken on stage to tens of thousands of people with my perspective about entrepreneurship.  I believe I (and Kahuna) have a lot to offer.  But it’s NOT about us!

I’m Not Applying to be Your (or Anyone’s) Guru!

I am a fellow XTREP traveler on an exciting – and many times terrifying journey of enTREPreneurship.

Everything that follows – including this quasi-sales letter and invitation… This whole thing was essentially for me to have some more enTREPreneur friends (peers) to play with.  (Not exactly… but kinda!)

Let me provide just a bit more context and relevant information.  First, below is me sharing a little of my professional bio… the one I want the world to see.  #EverythingisAwesome

Now – let me share the real me and a very shortened version of the last 23 years of my entrepreneurial journey (pardon me while I transition into the third-party view).  #SuccessTheHardWay


Frank F. Lunn is a serial entrepreneur and built several multi-million-dollar companies.  Frank has also made mistakes – LOTS of Mistakes!  He has won awards and had accolades.  He has also fallen short of the target experiencing humbling losses on more than one occasion.He’s started companies which have succeeded and has experienced multi-million-dollar exits.  He has also started companies which have failed or failed to reach full potential.  At times, Frank has shown brilliance as a visionary leader.  He has also proven the adage: “Ideas are Easy. Execution is Difficult!”

Frank Lunn is a high “Fast-Start” yet sometimes struggles as a finisher.  His visionary skills are BIG — matched by his ability to often underestimate time and resources necessary to achieve.  It almost always works out, but almost never as planned… and not without some scrambling and a bit of stress.

Like most eXponential enTREPreneurs Frank Lunn is a dichotomy – a paradox and walking contradiction.  As much as Frank has been a catalyst for XTREP success, Frank has also shown to be a creator of messes, a collaborator in crazy and at times even a colossus of chaos… “Cleanup on Isle Frank!” –“DOH!!”

OK, back to first person.  I could go on, but if YOU are an XTREP (or work with or are married to one) I’m sure you totally get it.  Strengths and superpowers don’t often come without some side effects or tradeoffs.  Like most XTREPs, at times I feel bulletproof with supreme confidence in my ideas and vision for what I want to create for the world.At other times, NOT SO MUCH!  It feels like the weight of the world is on me.  I feel like a fraud — an imposter about to be found out.  I feel like those closest to me kind of get it — but will never truly understand how I’m wired or why I work like I work.

At times I have the passion of a crusader with confidence of conquest well at hand.  Other times I have an amazing fear of being inadequate and ill equipped for the challenge ahead.  I fear letting others down.  I don’t fear failure (as I understand failure is conjoined with success), but I do fear falling short and failing to accomplish what I know I’m capable of.

I’ve been outwardly successful.  I’ve also made many mistakes.  Some mistakes were completely avoidable.  Others, as you are probably painfully aware, can only be learned through either first-hand experience or the from others willing to openly share.

Ghost of Valuation Mistakes and Exits Past

If you’re still with me, YOU GET IT!  As an entrepreneur my entire adult life, I’ve succeeded greatly and have been humbled by failure and like you, I keep moving forward.

Valuation of Business is a Sore Subject for Me… one where I didn’t actually fail but failed to harvest what I’d spent over a decade sowing.  It wasn’t a really a failure — but it sure felt like a massive fail in 2012 when I had a nice double comma exit… only to later realize…

I probably left at least $4-6 million dollars on the table

all because I did not know what I did not know.   And worse, once I did know… it was too late to do anything more than lament about it.

We started Kahuna Value NaVigator within Kahuna Business Group specifically to convert my failure and mistakes into profitable value to others like me – XTREPs with ambition & DRIVE outpacing your headlights.

This is for you… and it is also for me and my team working to maXimize our collective future.

Business Value & Valuation is Important to Me Because the Massive Pain

Not Knowing and Not Understanding Valuation Caused!

Value/Valuation is NOT Important to Most enTREPreneurs…

Until it is CRITICALLY Important!!

(Which by Then…Unfortunately is Too Late)

My Driving Motivation for this XTREP 100X100M Challenge

Over the past 20+ years with Kahuna Business Group, I’ve learned some a LOT of things the hard way.  My hope is to share to make it easier and more profitable for others like you.  I also want to create a really cool opportunity for me/Kahuna and 99 other XTREPs as part of a journey of discovery and opportunity together to see what “serendipity” has in store for us.

Building OUR Business Value by Assisting You Build YOURS

Aligns with our core value strategy:

“We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!”

Kahuna XTREP Program/Challenge

We’re looking for serious and committed XTREPs – committed to not only receiving value, but also in sharing discoveries and lessons applicable to others via “learning, living & sharing” aspect of this journey.

We’re looking to challenge and be challenged with a mutual commitment to do our very best to make the most of our business… and as we do to share for the value of all of us and those XTREPs to come after us.

Ours is a unique and unprecedented opportunity to be pioneers in an awesome alchemy — a combination of art and science mixed with some of real world strategic as well as tactical & practical application of improving every part of the business as the underlying secret to improve and maximize business valuation.

We’ll do this for the benefit of ourselves, each other and many others to follow in what we started.  It won’t be pretty and it won’t be perfect.  It Will be Genuine; and it Will be Worth It!


This program/challenge is 2 years & 3 month (Fiscal 2019 & 2020 with final calibration and results ending in Q1 2021).

This is an individual focused program for each qualifying XTREP to contribute their very best in the value improvement in their business.  It is also an opportunity to contribute to the overall group in this XTREP 100X100M Valuation Improvement Challenge.

Our vision & plan is to work with each XTREP/company to provide a starting benchmark and a full suite of valuation metrics as a “before picture”.  We’ll assist in understanding what is possible along with what is needed to improve to be on track for the valuation target within the 2-year timeframe.

We’ll provide ongoing tools, resources for KPIs, data and metrics as part of a quarterly calibration and measurement of value… and all the important elements that DRIVE value.

Each quarter will bring new results with a delta variance from the Q1 19 start, from the previous period AND a delta calibration to the goal – with an understanding of getting on track with future goals.

Kahuna’s role is in systematic data visualization as well as a strategic catalyst assisting each XTREP to better understand where they are in relation to where they want to be.  We’ll assist all 100 XTREPs as everyone works individually to intentionally increase their valuation in relation to their goals and targets.

Actually 99, because we (Frank Lunn/ Kahuna Business Group, Inc./KBG Leadership Team collectively) are also in.  We made our investment (below is legit), filled out our forms and are “ALL-IN” to participate exactly like everyone else.  We have some SERIOUS goals and are excited for all who join us!

Program Overview Within the Challenge

The “soft” program open is Monday, October 15th closing at either the 100th registrant or Friday, February 15th — providing 45 days to get pre-challenge calibration in place for “official” start in Q1 2019.

We’ll provide feedback and results for each individual business, as well as keeping aggregate information, records and statistics for the collective cohort.  Pretesting, valuations and initial calibrations will occur in Q4 of 2018 for those who want to get ahead of the process.

If you’re overly concerned it doesn’t look like we paid a lot for polish and glamor, I would agree. This is real, raw and unvarnished – and we’re excited for the right fellow XTREP adventurers to join us.

The Magic/Non-Magic of 100

100 participants is our hard cap.  We will not take more for this first XTREP cohort.  100 is NOT a floor or magic number other than it is a handy denominator for averages.

Our goal is to monitor and track everything individual as well as the aggregate group, so we can all learn – some results will prove causation and others will provide correlations.  Some will be interesting, but not statistically relevant.  We would rather have LESS of the right XTREPs and have a great cohort and future peer group than to accept just anyone.

$10,000 might seem like a lot, but this will actually cost us (Kahuna) money over the full 27 months.  This program has some definite monetary value to us, but the real value is so much more in the R&D learning, living, sharing and future XTREP peer group.

Some highlighs of the program components are:

  • A complete current Kahuna Value NaVigator Business Valuation Program -inlcuding initial plus 29-page in-depth report powered by BizEquity which will then be followed by a quickSURFTM Valuation Analysis and a Kahuna NaVigator Team Strategy Session.
  • The Kahuna Dynamic Guidance System goal setting & calibration based on your specific business with KPIs and planning for relevant targets within your future focus
  • Drive 5 Priority Targeting & Goal Calibration follows next. Each Quarter a Kahuna Value Navigator (KVN) Strategy & Tactical Update along with a Valuation Calibration will take place.  KVN will bring in some of the top business minds around to contribute to the cohort.

There is significantly more we will share later.  We plan to overdeliver as this progresses in providing resources and materials for other aspects of business — typically costing thousands of dollars – to our XTREP peer cohort.  All that said, one priceless aspect of the challenge will be an opportunity to discover and eventurally interact with fellow XTREPs as we all learn from each other’s successes and failures.

Let Me Be “Frank”

This challenge is NOT right for everyone.  Candidly this is very strange as I actually do NOT want to convince anyone to participate.  I’m quite serious.  This is a very different program and commitment on our part as well as the part of our fellow qualified and committed XTREP challengers… This is no sales gimmick and NOT to be taken lightly.

My objective is to make the case for “WHY” business valuation is important and “WHAT” this XTREP 100X100M Challenge is about – along with all the additional force-multipliers built into our design.

My objective is to attract the right eXponential enTREPreneurs at the right time in their business at the right stage of their business – who will have the lightbulb of enTREPreneurial enlightenment turn on and say, “I Get it… Count Me In!!”  As the famous philosopher Yoda said:

“Do or do not. There is no try!”

If you are an XTREP you probably can see exactly what we are doing (especially since I basically laid it all out).  Still, this all comes down to a value exchange.  $10,000 is a significant amount to invest — at the same time is pennies on thousands of dollars if most of what I think will happen happens.

Let me be clear — It is not about the one-million-dollar value increase — it is about everything you need to do to streamline and optimize your business as you calibrate to maximize value.


Improving Your Business to Create the Increase in Value is the Ultimate Value in this Challenge!

Oh, yea – and the million-dollar value improvement (or more) in two years is pretty cool.  Knowing how finely tuned your XTREP vehicle will become to make that happen – that is where the real payoff comes.

Now visualize into the future to consider what you’ve done to optimize every part of your business to maximize your intrinsic & extrinsic value.  What might be worth into the future as you extrapolate your DRIVE beyond two years?  How does that play out in three, five, ten or maybe twenty years or more??

We also know — and so do you if you really are an XTREP — that for all who take bold definitive action – despite the lack of certainty and despite the lack of glamor and excitement of focusing on “Valuation” with other unknown future XTREP friends and peers… the laws governing the universe have something to say –nicely summed up by the Latin phrase:

Fortis Fortuna Adjuvate!-which translates- Fortune Favors the Bold!”

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it… Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.”     ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Below is Exactly What Our XTREP100 Group Will Receive:

Initial 30- Minute Discovery Calibration Call — This call will give you a quick look at the overall picture of your business from an outsider’s viewpoint and help us better understand your core goals & objectives for the program.

XTREP/Entrepreneur & Leadership Team Questionnaire – This diagnostic process is designed to extract the essential 80/20 principles to define your fundamentals and the core of what drives you and your business.

Fact-Finder & Documentation Process — Our team will workshop together based on your questionnaire to start benchmarking within industry trends to map your current status and better understand where you want to go.

Biz Equity Standard Initial Valuation — We will use your financial and survey data to provide a standard valuation to know exactly where the business stands today in overall value, opportunity, and comparisons to your competitors.

Kahuna quickSURF™ Valuation Analysis — Our team of financial and business strategists will walk you through the valuation’s findings in relatable terms. You can’t get where you want to go, unless you know where you are.

NaVigator Team Strategy Consult Including Dynamic Pathfinder Process™ — Once we’ve plotted where you are, we can start to build a map to where you want to go. We use Valuation as a metric, because building value in the business will force us to build growth, cash flow, profit, operational efficiency, and ultimately wealth.

Kahuna Dynamic Guidance System (DGS) – We’ll set up your Dynamic Guidance System – with automatic sync to your financial data giving you a living, breathing dashboard to see your key metrics driving your value forward.

Kahuna DGS System Plus KNAV w/ Quarterly Biz Equity Value Results —

This unique system will keep track of your valuation and the key performance indicators so that you can always be aware of your goal and trends.  The valuation will be updated quarterly with all KPI’s and targets recalibrated to help you achieve maximum growth potential.

Kahuna DRIVE 5 Priority Targeting & Goal Calibration Within DGS — Ultimately – our goal is for you to DRIVE at least $1M in value in 2 years. We will define a target, build key metrics and track those relentlessly to make sure you hit the target. Our focus will be on DRIVE 5 – Growth, Cash, Profit to maXimize Value & Build Wealth!

“If This, Then That” Strategic Analysis & Planning — As an XTREP – most of your world is decision-making. Hiring, firing, investing… the decisions can be overwhelming. With our system, we will allow for feedback loops and “if this, then that” scenarios to simplify decision-making focusing on what’s going to move the needle.

Quarterly Kahuna Value Navigator Strategy & Tactical Update — When we review quarterly what worked and didn’t and what targets we hit or missed, we will also review the strategy and tactics to move forward. Things will constantly be iterating, so in focusing every 90 days – we can recalibrate to drive our goals.

Below is the standard DSLF (Dynamic Service Level Framework) for our Value NaVigator Clients:

Everything Above PLUS Everything Planned (But NOT Promised) is Included… PLUS All We Believe Will Happen Via the “LAW OF SERENDIPITY”*

As You Take Bold Audacious Action!

*The Law of Serendipity is when the Universe bends in our direction providing seemingly accidental and unexpected fortuitous circumstances — which we call good luck…AKA the “Law of Attraction”

All the components of this Value Proposition (previously listed) are components of our core Kahuna Value NaVigator offering.  If sold separately the total program – including your personalized, calibrated & coordinated Dynamic Guidance System over the 2-years would total over $100,000.


Your One-Time Investment & Commitment Fee

for the Entire Program is Only $10,000

What this is Not

Again – We are NOT Looking to Be Your Guru – Not Your Success Coach – Not Your Teacher or Mentor.  We are a Fellow XTREP Kindred Spirit — Living, Learning and Sharing the Same enTREPreneurial Journey.

We Are Focused on the Value of Valuation – Certainly not for the sake of “valuation” alone, but for what really understanding and intentionally improving valuation for a business can do — AND what it means for EVERYTHING ELSE important in the business!

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Surfboards!”

We’re excited to work with & do great things with other XTREPs:

“Learning, Living & Sharing the Journey of enTREPreneurship in Life, Business & Legacy!”

Our Goal is To Be A Success Catalyst for Those We Are Privileged to Serve!

We want to assist XTREPs with an enTREPreneurial perspective for an ongoing business valuation as part of a dynamic evaluation & improvement process of your business.  We’ll utilize the S.U.R.F. Strategy™ as part of a broader dynamic enTREPreneur improvement system, known as the Delta Framework™

  • Are You an XTREP and Up for the Challenge?
  • Are You & Your Business WORTH a Million Dollars?
  • Are You Ready to Take Action Joining Us on an eXponential enTREPreneurial Adventure?

For More Information or to Boldly & Audaciously Accept Our Challenge & Join Us

Contact Me:             309-828-3466 Ext. 448

or Don Husted:              309-828-3466 Ext. 422