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Discover Your Current Business Valuation, AND…

If You Are Up for The Challenge, Join 99 Other eXponential enTREPreneurs (XTREPs) on the Challenge to Increase Your Business Value by One Million Dollars (or More) Over the Next Two Years!

This could be for you if…

  • You are a big-thinking entrepreneur
  • You have a business between $1M and $5M+ annual revenue
  • You want a data-driven process for increasing profit and cashflow




What Would It Be Worth If You Could Increase the Value of Your Business by $1,000,000 (Or Even More) in the Next Two Years?

Hint: It’s worth a lot more than $1,000,000

Introducing the XTREP Elite 100X100M Value Challenge

We are accepting a select group of 100 ambitious, driven entrepreneurs to each drive $1,000,000 in additional value over the next two years. The group of 100 will be a closed community working together to build stronger, healthier more impactful businesses. Together we will build over $100 Million in Value in the next 2+ years!

Here’s a Summary of How it Works

  • An invitation-only exclusive program for 100 eXponential enTREPreneurs
  • Kahuna Business Group will partner with these 100 enTREPreneurs to Drive Growth, Cashflow and Profit on the way to building Value and Wealth
  • We will use our valuation tool to benchmark where you are now, where you are going and points in between each quarter
  • We will work with you to identify key performance indicators to drive your value higher
  • We will dynamically recalibrate – working with you to adjust KPIs to help you achieve your target $1 Million Value increase within two year target
  • Investment is only $10,000 All in – for full 2 year program
  • Would you trade a one-time $10,000 tax deductible business expense for $1M valuation increase AND a lifetime of ongoing benefit?


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Are you up to the challenge?

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