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Your position exists to provide leverage and value to your company.

It is your responsibility to understand your boss and company as clients and then to exceed their expectations. Your value is based on your experience, knowledge, skill set, aptitude and your effort in coordinating all of your resources.

Do not wait for things to happen. Set yourself apart from the crowd and make things happen. Take initiative and take a chance. Your strategy should be to determine which areas deliver maximum benefit for the investment of your time, effort and energy. Do not spend time and effort dwelling on your limitations or what you cannot do. Instead, look to magnify and capitalize on your strengths and potential.

Leverage and separating yourself from the pack comes from consistently doing things that offer you the highest leverage and highest payoff. Most people look outward for success. They look for someone else to appreciate them, someone else to promote them, someone else to motivate them. Success is not external shining in, it is internal radiating out. If you want a promotion, set up the conditions to get promoted.

The Secret of Upward Corporate Mobility (Getting Promoted)

You were hired to get specific results. Your paycheck is a trade-off for a specific amount and quality of work. As your work is put together with others on your team, the value is created in the marketplace.

Most people don’t understand the value they are trading for their paycheck. But when you are clear about why you are on the organization chart and the results you were hired to produce, it is much easier to perform at your peak. As you add more value, you can expect to get paid more and promoted sooner.

Do you know the essential characteristics and skills you must possess to continue to add value to your organization? Can you pinpoint the key factors that will determine how far you can go in your job? Do know the measuring stick to determine success or failure in your job? If you do, you can transform your skill set to bury the needle on the company meter and make yourself invaluable.

Reinvest in Your Success

As you learn to live a Carpe Aqualis! life, you’ll earn more money. What you do with that money is critical. You could spend it on consumption or use it as negative leverage to get deeper into debt. Or you could create a success habit of reinvesting some of it in your greatest wealth building asset…YOU!. This might mean education, equipment, learning resources or any number of other tools. Investment back in you will, in turn, make you even more valuable and further increase your earning power. It is a wonderful success cycle that pays significant compound interest.

It amazes me how people will pay tens of thousands of dollars for a college education and then not spend any money on continuing education or skills training. This makes no sense. Sadly, most people stop learning after their formal education.

Education helps you provide more value than others expect. As you do this in every relationship and business transaction, you build your foundation for success based on the sowing and reaping, service, and creating abundance. Your reward comes from your service to others. Give more than you are asked to give and you will receive more than you expected.

Waves in Motion

You are a surfer and an individual entrepreneur completely responsible for You, Inc. Your security is not in your company or in your industry or in your education, family, Alma Matter or in anything external. Your security is in yourself as a surfer able to adapt and utilize your skills, talents, and abilities with whatever wave of opportunity or change is breaking before you.

Understand that the base of our lives, our situation, and our future results are our personal responsibility. Your success will be in proportion to your personal responsibility. No one will do it for you. Luck and serendipity do not just happen, they follow the law of cause and effect.

Personal responsibility is at the heart of manufacturing your own luck. The harder you work and the more personal responsibility you take for every situation in your life, the more the law of sowing and reaping and the law of cause and effect will work to your benefit. As this wave begins to swell on the ocean and rise in a slow crescendo toward you, it is your opportunity to Carpe Aqualis!

This post is an excerpt from the book Carpe Aqualis! written by Kahuna Business Group’s Founder/ CEO Frank F. Lunn.

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