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Is Your Trust Accounting Being Handled Correctly?

(Are You Willing to Bet Your License??)

Are you confident your trust accounting is being handled to bar standards? Would your bookkeeping survive an audit by the bar? Your livelihood and law license is on the line…

Is your bookkeeper is recording transactions incorrectly, thereby putting you in a situation where you are overpaying taxes? Do you know?

  • Do you know the real financial health of your business? Not just your bank account balance.
  • If you receive financial reports, do you actually know what those reports mean?
  • Are you facing tax challenges simply because you don’t have your financial house in order?
  • Do you know where your business stands financially or better yet where it could be?
  • Do you have a simple yet efficient grasp of your business’s cash flow?
  • Your staff is great in supporting you, but are they equipped with the proper accounting experience your business needs?

Make sure your accounting is helping your business succeed! Let Kahuna perform a Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ of your accounting system to see if it is efficient and, most importantly, if it will empower you to achieve your goals on the fastest route possible.

Learn Exactly Where Your Books Stand, To Make Informed Decisions Today!

Learn More About a Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Now!

Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Designed for Business Growth

If you’re unsure what the true health of your books and accounting practices are, it’s not your fault. We created a Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ to review your QuickBooks or Xero account, as a way to provide a 3rd party review of your books, to make sure your accounting is not costing your time and money. Strategic financial clarity is so incredibly important when looking to grow and scale your business’s profitability and not your business’s inefficiencies.

You’ve made it to the right place. It’s time to get a financial team and the financial system that allow your business to grow the way you want it to, and maybe even beyond what you dreamed possible. To gain that financial clarity and fuel your business growth, our Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ reviews the following: 

  • A quick health check of your accounting system (QuickBooks or Xero), processes, and practices for accuracy and efficiency.
  • A review and recalibration of your Chart of Accounts and your Trust Accounts.
  • A deeper understanding of your cash flow and KPIs.
  • Your personalized Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ report, with a list of possible anomalies, if any, to address.
  • A forward-focused six-month snapshot of your cash flow (QuickBooks Online only).
  • Guidance on mitigating and/or maximizing problem/successful areas of your business to fuel profitability.
  • A unique, personalized, and sharable walkthrough companion video customized specifically for YOUR report.
  • A personalized 30-minute strategy session with a Kahuna NaVigator, to answer whatever questions you may have once you started mitigating problems uncovered in your report.

Here’s What It Looks Like:

We will review your current systems, processes, and practices for accuracy and efficiency.

Within seven business days, you’ll receive your customized Discovery Accounting Assessment™ Report complete with our findings including what is working, areas of caution, possible anomalies and priority areas for improvement.

We’ll provide guidance and navigational support for an action plan including priorities of focus and possible options to mitigate and fix.


Don’t Settle For Status Quo

Let Kahuna Accounting provide you the insights you need to get from where you are –  to where you desire to be. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: You’ll Gain Peace of Mind When We Clean Up Your Financials

Many lawyers have no idea how much money they are making or how the firm is doing. At best they have financial information but it’s too late to do anything with it.

Getting setup in Kahuna’s financial system is seamless and simple. With input from you, we’ll do all the work.  Whether we clean up your historical data (limits apply and must be reviewed) or start clean beginning on January 1st, we’ll handle the transition and you’ll stay focused on your practice.

Step 2: You’ll Save Time and Reduce Stress

Whether our world-class team handles the day-to-day bookkeeping or our team works as an extension to your existing bookkeeper/accountant, you will have real-time data and a forward-looking view of how to improve.

You can focus on building your firm.  Let us take care of the numbers to keep you on track.

Step 3: You’ll Gain Confidence and Clarity with our Reporting System

Having the bookkeeping under control is only the foundation. Once that’s set, you’ll receive the following management reports every month to guide you toward growth. Every month you’ll see:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Gross Revenues
  • Gross Expenses
  • Net Income
  • Owner’s Draw
  • Accounts Payable / Receivable Report
  • Budget Variance Report (Optional)
  • Cash Flow Report and Trends (Optional) 
  • Dynamic Guidance System (Real Time Dashboard – Optional)

When you get these reports, our team will share with you some standout numbers and be available to discuss exactly what’s happening financially in your organization.

We will part of your financial team, providing accountability and guidance so you can focus on achieving your goals!

Don’t Just Take Our Word – See What Others Have to Say:

Kahuna has been featured at:

  • Clio
  • The Lawyerist
  • Attorney at Work
  • Juris Page
  • LawPay
  • Global Mac IT
  • Lex Tech Review
  • And many, many others…


The difference between working with Kahuna or a freelance bookkeeper or DIY was the level of commitment and depth of knowledge you get with their team.

Lex Tech Review

Kahuna surpassed our expectations. Excellent communication understands the RPCs and issues with trust accounts. It is such a heavy burden and when you have people you trust, that is professional and responsive, that weight disappears. I was a bit reluctant to hire them because they are not based in my home state. Those concerns disappeared quickly.

Aaron Pelley ~Cultiva Law, PLLC

The necessary evil that all attorneys have to face in managing their business is trust accounting. One small mistake with trust accounting can jeopardize an entire firm. Kahuna helped me catch those things, which is invaluable.

Brian Reidy

It has been an absolute joy working with Kahuna! My questions are always answered in plain English. The team is knowledgeable and shared information with me about my tax situation that I did not know. Kahuna delivered real results! Thank you Kahuna for the excellent service!

Audrey K. Chisholm, Attorney

Are You Sure Your Trust Accounting is Being Handled Correctly? Let the Experts Uncover the Health of Your Books, So You Can Have Peace of Mind Today!

Begin With a Discovery Accounting Assessment ™ Now!

Kahuna Accounting is NOT Right for Every Firm – But, Could Be Right For Yours

Listen, we want to be clear that we are not for everybody. We love entrepreneurs and helping them grow. Our system is to automate and simplify bookkeeping and provide insight to help the practice grow. This typically works best for practices that are rapidly growing and craving a deeper insight into their business.

If you are more status quo or looking for the lowest cost way to just have financials for a CPA, we are probably not going to be right for each other.

But if you are tired of looking backward, and wondering where you stand. Or if you want to do big things and be a better leader and owner of your practice, and you are ready to take control of your results and build the practice you had in mind when you started, we’d love to partner with you to make it happen.

To get started, all you have to do is fill out the form on this page and we will do a quick assessment on what a good next step would be for your particular situation.

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